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11 signs that it is time to replace your electric panel

If you live in an older house, your breakers may not support all the new and modern electrical appliances you make use of. In such cases, you need to replace your electric panel. An electrical panel is sometimes called the load center, distribution board, main breaker box, or breaker panel. It accepts electricity into the home and then helps distribute the different circuits. The electric current that has been shared to different circuits is then protected by the circuit breaker or fuse. Each circuit breaker trips off when there is overload, so the electric panel’s job is to regulate the current load in the home and keep your household safe and comfortable.

Most homeowners never pay attention to their electrical panels unless they need to flip their circuit breaker. But the electrical panel is one of the most important electrical points in your home, and it is necessary to always monitor the electric panel to ensure it is always in good working condition. Your electrical panel is the heart of your electricity supply system. It’s what distributes electricity into the circuits that power your house. As it does this, it also protects your electrical system from overload. That is why it is important to always contact an electrician as soon as you notice any problems with your electrical panel, and the Electricians Service Team is here for you. 

Here are a few things to look out for to know if it’s time to replace your breaker panel or not. 

  • Age

Normally, electrical panels need to be replaced every 25 to 40 years because that is their average lifespan. This can be due to several things like power surge, wear and tear, manufacturer defect, and many more. Therefore, if you are living in an older home, there’s a greater chance that you will need to replace your electrical panel. Irrespective of the reason, an electrical panel that is over 25 years old poses a dangerous panel. If you do not wish to just replace it, then the better solution is to have a professional electrical inspection done by one of our electricians at the Electrician Service Team to make sure everything is functioning well. 

  • Scorch Marks or Other Signs It Might Be Damage

Do you see burn marks, smoke, or any other signs of physical damage when you look at your electrical panel? If the answer to this question is yes, this can be a sign of burnt, melted, or damaged wires, which is a cause for alarm. Little problems like that can set your house on fire. It is necessary to be proactive and keep an eye out for such signs because you need to take immediate action when you notice things like this. You need to unplug your device and turn off your electricity before contacting an electrician. 

  • Burnt Odor

The burnt odor should be an immediate cause for concern if you notice it around your electrical panel. Such problems can cause serious house fires that can destroy your entire property as well as the surrounding houses. Most times, the burning odor could be either plastic or wood, that is, as the plastic jacket of the electrical wire melts or the wood and insulation in your walls become burnt. If you perceive these things, it is important to replace your electric panel completely. 

  • Constant Tripping of Breakers

Circuit breakers are supposed to trip and turn off the flow of electricity to protect you from circuits that draw too much power being pushed through the system. But it can also be a sign indicating that your panel needs to be replaced. When your panel can no longer allow adequate electrical flow. It leaves you with constant trips. Instead of constantly flipping it back on, you can contact the Electrician Service team and get it fixed.

  • Newly Added Appliance

A new appliance like a dryer or air conditioner that has a higher electrical draw than your old appliances can result in the need to replace your panel to accommodate the new requirement. Most times, it is necessary to replace this panel before the new appliance can function properly.

  • Have Fuses Not Circuit Breakers

Fuse boxes are similar to circuit breakers. The major difference is that in a fuse-based panel, you have to replace the fuse every time it blows, while in a breaker panel, you reset the breaker. Fuse panels also let more current flow through the electrical system, which means they may be more hazardous. So, it may be easier to just replace your fuse box with a circuit breaker box.

  • Panel is Warm to Touch

A good electrical panel should be able to regulate the heat generated by your electrical system. If you have observed that your panel is warm to touch or even hot to touch, then there might be a serious issue with your panel. Contact an electrician as soon as possible.

  • Panel Makes Strange Noises

Any other sound apart from the click of a breaker popping when a circuit is tripped should not be ignored. If you hear a growing hum that sounds like an electrical hissing, there could be a wiring problem on the other end. This might mean that you may need to replace your electric panel or at least repair it.

  • Flickering Light 

Your light shouldn’t be affected by simple things like plugging in the iron or microwave. If your lights are affected by these, it can be a sign that your electrical panel can not supply the necessary power and needs to be changed.

  • Lack of Outlets

 Most times, the best solution to not having enough outlets is to buy some power strips. But, if your electrical panel is already under a great amount of strain, a lack of outlets can increase the strain on the panel. In such a situation, you may need an upgrade. 

  • Considerable Direct Damage

Your panel can become damaged, whether it’s something falling on them or a car hitting it if it is in the garage. If your electrical panel has received direct damage, you must have it checked by one of our electricians and see if it requires replacement.

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