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3 Most Important Energy Efficient Electrical Upgrades

    Are you spending a fortune on your electric bill? It might be because your home is consuming much more electricity than it is supposed to. Through switching your home to be more energy efficient, you can significantly reduce your monthly power consumption.

    Energy efficiency is not only a fad that many home owners follow because it’s cool to be green. It’s a practical way to decrease your carbon footprint and your monthly bills in the long term. In fact, major changes like switching to solar energy need big investments, but you will reclaim and even economize over time.

    There are several methods to reduce your home energy consumption, ranging from changing daily habits to detailed home improvements. Cutting utility bills and protecting the environment are two significant reasons for conserving home energy. Here are the 3 most important energy efficient electrical upgrades:

1. Seal Air Leaks

    Sealing the air leaks around your house is one great way to decrease your heating and cooling cost. Most leaks into your home originate from doors, windows, and vents. In order to avoid these leaks, you need to see to it that there are no holes or breaks between the walls and vents, and door frames.

    In order to seal air leaks between stationary objects, such as the windows and wall, you can put on some sealing materials. For breaks between moving objects, such as functional windows and doors, you can put on weather stripping. Caulking and weather stripping are practical air sealing methods that generally provide a return on investment in a short period of time. Some air leaks can also turn up through holes in the wall, floor, and ceiling from electrical wiring, ducting, or plumbing.

    Air leaking out typically originates within your home into your storage room through small holes or cracks. Whether it is through attic hatches, light fixtures, or ducts, warm air will go up and get off through small holes. As the regular flow of heat is from warmer to cooler places, these small leaks can escalate your heating bill even higher when your attic or storage room is not appropriately insulated. To get the full amount of savings from caulking or weather stripping, you should completely regard insulating your house.

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  2. Invest in Energy Efficient Products

    Changing from outdated appliances to energy efficient units is another ideal way to reduce your energy consumption. Energy efficient units are designed to consume less electricity to fulfill the exact same functions that a conventional appliance. 

    Majority of the home appliances are manufactured with energy efficient units, ranging from energy efficient space heaters to energy efficient washers. Energy efficient refrigerators have advanced insulation and compressors that enable them to consume less energy to function than older refrigerator units. 

    To identify energy efficient appliances and other electrical products, simply look for the Energy Star label on them. Energy Star is a third-party organization that identifies the appliances and electronic products, which passed the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) energy efficiency standards without losing their efficiency. 

    Appliances and electronic gadgets certified by Energy Star tend to be more costly than the other products in the market. However, this big amount tag pays for itself by cutting costs on your electric bills. A refrigerator with Energy Star certification can save you up to $300 over the lifetime of the unit. 

  3. Install Smart Thermostats 

    One major source of wasted energy is your heating and cooling system at home. Typically, heating and cooling are the two major categories of energy consumption in the house. Reducing that amount of your bill can provide you big savings. This is when smart thermostats become useful. Using a smart thermostat, you control what temperature you want your place to be and what your regular schedule is like.

    Depending on the schedule you set, the thermostat changes the temperature of your home to be lower if you are not home and only the appropriate temperature when you get in your front door. Through changing the temperature when you are home, you are not consuming as much energy to heat or cool your space. The smart thermostat program can also be adjusted with the use of an app on your smartphone, making it simple to change the setting even if you are out of your room. 

    It does not only make your home more energy efficient, but it also saves you a great deal of money. Based on a study conducted by a smart thermostat manufacturer, a home can cut costs up to 12% on its heating costs and 15% on cooling costs when a smart thermostat is installed in it. 

What To Expect After The Upgrade

    Below are the benefits you can reap when you invest in energy efficient electrical upgrades:

Reduced Energy Cost

    Cutting costs is definitely one of the main reasons why homeowners decide on energy efficient electrical upgrades. You may save up to $40 in electricity bill by just switching from incandescent light bulbs according to Energy star. While it may not seem like a big amount, these savings can practically add up in the long term. 


Environmentally Friendly

    When it is applied to all, upgraded electrical systems are safer for the environment than the conventional system. Not only will you be consuming up to 30 percent less electricity, but also decreasing the greenhouse gas emissions that contaminate the air and hurt the environment.


Increase Home Safety

    Investing in energy efficient electrical upgrades is a great chance to personalize the lighting in your house for safety purposes and for a cozy atmosphere. By setting a well-lit home inside and out, it provides the lighting solutions for your home to be more energy efficient such as:

    • timers
    • occupancy sensors
    • light bulb replacement
    • evening to dawn settings

    To discover and learn more about how to make these improvements, contact Electricians Service Team. We will look through your home with you and help you come up with the energy efficient electrical upgrades that suit you best.

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