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3 Reasons To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel Before Christmas

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It’s the Christmas season, and you wish to light up the house with the brightest lights. That’s a great idea! But do you think your home has electrical capacity? We’re talking exactly about your electrical panel. With all the added lights for Christmas, you do not want to overcrowd it. Chances are, some electrical problems will ruin your celebrations. 

So how do you escape from all this? The key is to get a panel upgrade near me. To accommodate more connections for the lights, you will need a bigger one. According to electrical experts from the Electrician Service Team, there are several reasons why you should go for an upgrade before Christmas. On top of everything, the added safety. 

If you wish to learn the other reasons, we’ve got you covered. You can read through this article to see the importance of a panel upgrade before the much-awaited occasion. 

Why Get A Panel Upgrade? Here Are Top 3 Reasons 

If you’ve been thinking about a panel upgrade for Christmas, we’re here to help convince you. After all, it’s all for you and your home’s benefit. So, why should you go for an upgrade? 

Here are the top three reasons: 

More Power!

More power, the better! Wouldn’t you like to have more electricity at home? You should know that the electrical panel is the heart of the electrical system. By “heart,” it means that everything in the house is based here. All your appliances, small and big, get power from the panel. Your lights and everything else are powered by the panel.

An upgrade will mean your panel can accommodate more devices. Especially before Christmas, you would prefer a bigger and more efficient panel. It will accommodate more connections for all the light decorations. 

Handle Bigger Appliances 

You must be thinking of buying new home appliances for Christmas, so you better get your electrical panel ready. An upgraded electrical panel will have sufficient power for bigger appliances. 

It will also have major appliances separated in a different connection, so they do not cause power-hogging. You don’t want them sharing with your lights! If they do, your Christmas could easily turn into Halloween, with all the dimming and flickering lights. Trust us, that’s the last thing you want to happen on that merry night. 

Added Safety 

You would love it when everything is safe and sound during Christmas. The house is lit up, but you don’t have to worry about any electrical problems. Your upgraded panel has got you covered and protected. 

The most important benefit of a panel upgrade is the added safety. An updated electrical panel will ensure that circuits are not overloaded. It will prevent trips, flickering and dimming lights, and power surges. 

Panel Upgrade Cost in San Diego

When it comes to panel upgrades in San Diego, there are various services available. You can compare services and rates to get the best one for you. Generally, the prices can vary depending on some factors, such as the following: 

  • Type of panel: The type of panel you want your panel upgraded to matters. There are different types of panels with different uses, and they cost different, too. You can choose high-end panels with flexible mounting, easier wiring, and weather protection. These types can be expensive, though. 

Other panel types include main breakers, fuse boxes, subpanels, and main lug panels. 

  • Needed amps: Your panel’s amperage determines the strength of the current that flows through it. And you must already know how it works. The more amperage, the higher expenses. But you have learned how more power can benefit your home. It will surely be worth it! Take a look at the following to know the different prices for different amps. 

100 amps – $500 – $1,500

150 amps – $500 – $1,750

200 amps – $750 – $2,000

300 amps – $1,800 – $3,500

400 amps – $1,500 – $4,000

  • Location of the panel: Yes, you read it right! The location of your panel can affect how much you will be paying for an upgrade. If the location is easier to access, the less you pay. However, if your hired electrician will have to do more work, like tearing down a wall, that should be an added charge. 
  • Electrician labor: Of course! You must consider the labor of the electrician. If you hire a licensed professional, they can rate you from $40-$120 per hour. They will expectedly charge more if they do more complex tasks. 

There are some factors to consider when upgrading your panel. Whether you are paying more or not, a panel upgrade is always worth the money. With all its benefits, you will think the money you spend is a great investment. 

Want more helpful articles? You can explore this website to read more of our content. For your electrical upgrade needs, the one to call is Electrician Service Team.

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