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3 Reasons Why Should You Upgrade Your Circuits for Christmas Lights

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During the holiday season, people are concerned that their Christmas lights may be overloading the circuit. If you’re using LED lights, the short answer is probably not. Electrical circuit overloads occur when an electrical wire is subjected to a transfer of more amperage than the circuit is capable of handling.

Outlets and wiring need to be upgraded to have enough electrical capacity if you don’t want to overload your circuits and risk electrical fires. Update and install the proper circuits in your home or place of business today with help from Electrician Service Team. We offer the most satisfying electric panel upgrade you need. 

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Three Reasons to Upgrade Your Circuits 

  • Reason #1 – You may need to upgrade your circuits if, after turning on a large electrical appliance in your home like the air conditioner or washer, your lights dim or flicker. Once in a while, flickering is acceptable, but if it occurs frequently after turning on a large appliance, you may need to have your electrical system inspected.
  • Reason #2 –If your circuit breaker trips frequently, which means it cuts off electricity when it detects a circuit is overloaded, it may be time to replace it. If it keeps tripping after you try to reset it on your own, your home might require more power on a single circuit. To discuss changing your circuit breaker or adding any additional circuits, get in touch with an electrician.
  • Reason #3 –You may need to update your circuits or electrical system if you frequently use extension cords to power extra appliances. You need more power for your home if you have to create extra outlets using power strips.

What kind of holiday lights should I buy? 

Christmas lights come in a wide range of hues, dimensions, styles, and wattages. Although LED lights have the same variety of colors and designs as traditional incandescent lights, they consume only 20% as much energy. Using LED Christmas lights will not only reduce the possibility of your tree short-circuiting, but they will also reduce your energy costs in December. 

How many light strands can you connect without a Christmas light circuit overload?

Many people enjoy stringing together several strands of Christmas lights to cover their entire tree or substantial portions of the exterior of their home. That’s fine as long as you remember to take those connections into consideration when estimating the electrical capacity of your outlet. But if you don’t have any idea how to handle this kind of electrical services, call an expert at Electrician Service Team. 

Tips for Avoiding Circuit Overload When Using Christmas Lights

A common way to brighten the holiday season is with Christmas lights. But if you go too far, you might overload the circuit. However, if you hang holiday lights without considering the electrical load or the current rating of your circuit, your circuit breaker might trip.

In addition to this, a lot of us are tempted to use extension cords and power boards in places where the house may not have been built with enough outlets. Although adding more outlets than the circuit was designed to support an easy fix, doing so can damage your appliances, overload your electricity, cause you to lose power, or even present a safety hazard. 

We’ve listed our top three tips for avoiding circuit overload, keeping your house secure, and staying connected below.

  • Inspect Your Wiring- Make sure that none of your electrical cords are frayed and that the copper “wire” inside is not visible. Make sure all of your cords are secure and not posing a risk before using them. Stop using damaged cords.
  • Understand How Much Power You Use – Now is a good time to learn more about how much power your appliances consume and how much wattage your circuit(s) are capable of handling. In most cases, the wattage of an appliance can be found on the tag on the cord. 
  • Consider Home Rewiring – You will notice that the circuits were not made to handle the amount of power and appliances we use in our modern lifestyles today, especially in older homes. It might be time to think about rewiring your house. 

Upgrade Your Circuits with Electrician Service Team

Electrician Service Team is aware that not everyone is skilled in doing home repairs, and doing electrical work yourself is not recommended! You need a qualified electrician you can rely on to complete the work correctly. You can also take advantage of our electrical Christmas installation in LA for fast transactions. 

For you to be safe at home and to avoid any circuit overloads, learn the tips above. Additionally, Electrician Service Team is prepared to provide licensed circuit installation services. 

To know more about any electrical services you need, call Electrician Service Team right away. Our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you will have a peace of mind!

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