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5 Reasons Why Your Lights Flickers

Electrical power since its discovery has proven to be the best thing man has ever had. It paved the way for the technological revolution we’re experiencing now and has greatly improved the way we live. Today, electricity is an indispensable element in our lives that we try to maintain and keep working properly at all times. However, no matter how good you are at electrical maintenance, you can’t always prevent some failures from occurring. That is why to be on the safe side; it is good to know some signs that show that you have an electrical issue. One of these signs is flickering lights. Although they are not always signs of serious electrical problems, knowing what causes flickering light remains important. To help you understand what causes light flickerings and how to react to them, we discussed the topic with our electrical experts and put a summary of their experience. Below are five reasons why lights flicker in your home.

Why Do My Lights Keep Flickering?

There are many things that can cause your lights to flicker. Some of these reasons are internal, that is, in your home, while others are more connected to your neighborhood electrical connection. Let’s look at the causes of flickering lights first.

Light Bulb issues.

A light bulb often starts flickering when it is not well attached to its socket. When you notice that only one light is flickering, but all the others are working fine, the loose bulb might surely be the problem. What you have to do is to turn off the light and tighten the bulb to its socket. Once you have done that, turn on the light and check if it still flickers.

If tightening the socket does.t solve the problem, then the problem might be the bulb itself. So try to change it and see if that fixes the problem. In case it still doesn’t solve the flickering, then the issue is somewhere else. A technician might be of help to detect the reason for the flickering light.

Bad Lamp Plugs.

If your bedside table lamp is flickering, the problem might be with the lamp’s plug. The wires connecting the bulb socket to the plug might be loose. To be sure that it is the problem, unplug the lamp that flickers and plug in another lamp. If the second lamp lights up normally, it means your flickering lamp has a plum issue. Fix the wires to the plug or replace the plug to fix the problem.

However, if while plugging another lamp, this one continues flickering, it might mean a problem with the socket or your home’s electrical system and not the plug. In this case, calling an expert is the best option.

Low Voltage.

A voltage that suddenly drops to a certain level is often the reason why lights flicker in your home. You can determine your light is flickering because of low voltage when the flickering happens the moment you turn or plug on an appliance. If the flickering continues for a while or causes your lights to burn, you should call an expert to check your home electrical network and determine if the problem is internal to your home or external.

Before calling an expert, if you have a voltmeter, you can check the voltage of your home yourself. If the voltage lies between 115 and 125, then there are no worries to have. However, if the voltage is higher, it means trouble. Contact our expert team of electricians. They will look into it and solve the problem. 

Outdated Wiring.

Outdated wiring is a great concern when it comes to electrical issues. They often cause consistent flickering lights and can turn to be a real danger to your home and your household. Bad or old wires prevent the fluent flow of power through your home electric grid. It creates gaps that cause your lights to flicker every time the current tries to jump them. This problem is often seen in old houses, especially those that have not gone through renovations in a long time. 

If you notice flickering lights happening a little bit too often or causing your light bulbs to blow off, contact electric experts to come and fix the problem as soon as possible. If you are having outdated wiring and do not fix it in time, you might end up with a housefire and property loss.

Overloaded Circuits. 

Home electrical systems are built to sustain a determined amount of power. Past that amount, they cause electrical problems such as light flickerings. You might notice that when you have a lot of appliances working at the same time. The more energy-consuming appliances you turn on, the more your electrical circuit will have difficulties providing current to your home. 

Stop The Flickering Lights With Electricians Service Team

Many homeowners often have a hard time determining the cause of flickering lights in their home. It is to help them and prevent electrical incidents that we make our electrical experts available 24/7. If you have flickering lights that don’t stop no matter what you do, feel free to contact our experts. They are licensed electricians and very skilled at providing rapid and efficient solutions to any electrical issue. You can have them at your home by contacting us today at (800)-568-8664 or leaving us a message online.


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