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Creative Home Lighting Ideas

Best Home Lighting Ideas | Electricians Service Team

Each home is special. As diverse individuals, we each decorate our home to represent us and what we like/love. Before you say that you don’t care about your lighting, let me stop you. We believe that the style of lighting you use is the finishing touch in completing the uniqueness of your abode. If you have regular old lighting or want to mix it up with something exciting and new, here are some creative ideas that will surely brighten your day.

Industrial Style Lighting

If you’re into a more metal or mechanical type of look, industrial lighting is perfect for you. This minimal aesthetic trend became popular around the late 2000s. These lights share a design more typical of what an old manufacturing factory might look like. The rawness ingrained into this type of decoration gives your home an unfinished feel that many like. This style uses a palette of rustic and varying tones of grey colors to give the illusion of an old factory. With its simple and sturdy design, many people are using this eye-catching lighting to give a distinct look to their home. You can complete this look by incorporating other elements such as exposed bricks and pipes, large open windows, and concrete flooring. If you like openness, simplistic, and an unfinished feeling to your home, this is the lighting for you.

String Lights

Did you know that Thomas Edison, the inventor of the lightbulb, also created the first string of lights? His invention led to the development of Christmas lights in 1822. Another fun fact is before Christmas lights were used, people used candles to illuminate their tree. As you can guess, this was a huge safety hazard and caused many house fires. If you like looking at a starry night, but can’t because you live in the city, string lights will leave you in awe. Setting these up is relatively easy and cheap compared to some of the other options on this list. These fixtures are also weatherproof so they are more durable than regular lights. Spending time in our backyards doesn’t only have to be for taking out the dog anymore. This unique look will make your home a hub for gatherings all year long. You’ll feel like you can touch the sky with these lights.

A natural touch

Do you love nature and the outdoors? If so, you can add a natural touch to your home lighting decor. This relatively new style trend has hit the ground running as it gives your home a much more down to earth feeling. You can use anything that is nature-related like braches, tree trunks, and even deer antlers to use as a base for lights. Many people say having this type of lighting style gives them a deeper appreciation for nature and feel connected to the earth. The simplistic style will bring life to any room you set it up in. You can reuse tree branches that others may deem useless like the one below. You can use whatever catches your eye in nature and make it your own lighting centerpiece.

Beam ceiling lighting

By far the most subtle creative lighting on this list, beam ceiling lights are truly one of a kind. Wooden beams alone are a unique element of a home, but adding lights to accompany those beams can make them look drastically better. In the example below, this owner has a box beam ceiling and fully utilizes it by adding LEDs to create an unreal glowing effect. This type of lighting may be more on the expensive side, but it will undoubtedly make your home stand out above the rest.


Love the time of old? Did you know that lanterns were first documented in ancient Greece? Evidence shows that they go as far back as ancient Egypt and China! With so much history behind lanterns, many people like the ancient aesthetic that they carry. While old versions used whale oil, wood knots, or gas as fuel, today’s lanterns can use kerosene or electricity to provide light. These marvelous creations can be used for many styles of decoration and are even portable. You can place one next to your bed, kitchen table, TV, or even use it as a chandelier. Although these ancient devices are from a long-gone era, they can still add style and a unique touch in your home.


Just like lanterns, candles are an olden way of illuminating a room. Their inexpensiveness gives them an advantage over some of the other options on this list. Their warm glow gives a cozy feeling to reassure that you are home. The best way to get the brightest glow is to use a candle with more wicks. Each wick will produce a separate flame that will illuminate a larger area. Putting a mirror behind the candle will not only direct the glow where you want it but also give you an elegant look. You can even put it in a lantern to give it a truly olden vibe. Candles are versatile sources that can make your home feel just right. 

Use a dimmer

A dimmer switch is so simple yet so effective. Invented in 1959, the dimmer has become a popular device that lets people fully control a light fixture’s brightness by rotating or sliding a control switch. What many people take for granted it how much it can affect the mood and feeling of a room. If you’re having dinner with your special someone, you can lower the brightness level with your dimmer and set a more intimate mood. On the other hand, if you need to get work done and make sure you don’t fall asleep, you can raise the brightness to its highest setting to be productive. 

Whatever the occasion, lighting can make a huge difference in distinguishing your style and mood. The practical reason for lighting is so you can see in your home, but you can put your personal touch on it. Have some old things from your childhood that you cherished? You may be able to use it to make your lighting unique to you and your home. You have the chance to be creative and express yourself in a way you wouldn’t have imagined. Whatever your style may be, there are lighting creations that suit your taste.

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