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Electrical Panel: What is It?

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An electrical panel is a metal electrical service box that houses your home’s main power and distributes electricity to the various circuits within your home. 

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The Components of an Electrical Panel

An electrical panel can appear to be a huge jumble of wires, metal bars, and breaker switches when you open the metal door. However, each component has a distinct function, and the system cannot operate without all of them, at least not safely. 

The major components of a typical home electrical panel are discussed below:

  • Breaker Box – The metal container known as the breaker box is where all the elements listed below are kept. Breaker boxes typically have a single front door and wall mounting. The top has a sizable opening for the source wires, and there are popouts for branch circuit exits along the top, bottom, and sides.
  • Neutral Busbar – The main neutral source wire and all of the neutral wires from branch circuits are connected by the neutral busbar. The neutral busbar can be placed in various places depending on the breaker box, but it usually runs next to the hot busbars (when combined with the grounding busbar on the main breaker) or to the side of the enclosure.
  • Source Wires – Source wires are the cables that enter the breaker box from the top, coming from the meter. Three source wires are typically present: two hot wires and one neutral wire. The source neutral wire is connected to the neutral busbar, while the two hot source wires are connected to the main disconnect switch.
  • Circuit Breakers – The switches that run along the hot busbars in the breaker box are known as circuit breakers. They are between the hot busbars, the main power source, and the branch circuits that leave the breaker box. A specific circuit breaker is provided for each branch circuit. Breakers can be classified into three categories: standard , ground fault circuit interrupter, and arc fault circuit interrupter).
  • Main Disconnect Switch – Before reaching the hot busbars, the two hot source wires are connected to the main disconnect switch. It serves as the primary breaker for the breaker panel and is typically found near the top of the breaker box. If the main disconnect switch trips or is manually turned off, the electrical panel loses power.
  • Hot Busbars – The hot busbars are two bars that typically run down the middle of the breaker panel. The hot source wires are connected to the hot busbars to provide power to the entire panel and any ensuing branch circuits. Along the warm busbars, circuit breakers are located.

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Signs You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade or Replacement

Power in your house is crucial to your and your house’s security. To make sure that your connections reliably and sufficiently supply power to your home when considering an electrical panel upgrade, you should hire a contractor who offers all types of electrical services. Many electricians can advise you when it’s time to upgrade your electrical panel.

Here are some things to think about and warning signs that you need an electrical panel upgrade:

  • The breaker trip repeatedly – Breakers can trip for various reasons, including issues with the electrical panel in your home, faulty wiring, or a bad breaker. After attempting all straightforward fixes, and particularly if you notice burn marks or rust on the breaker, it’s probably time to replace the electrical panel.
  • You heard odd sounds from the breaker box – It’s normal and safe to expect your breaker box to occasionally “buzz” lightly. Any “popping” or “cracking” coming from the breaker box should be noted. These noises may result from arcing inside the breaker and require immediate attention from a licensed electrician.
  • Melt wires and scorch marks – The burning smell indicates heat, which causes melting and scorching. Old electrical wiring or faulty breakers can generate heat that melts the shielding on the wiring. The metal and plastic inside the breaker box can become scorched by exposed wires. These circumstances can easily cause an electrical arc that starts a fire.
  • Burning smell from breaker box – A burning smell is never a good sign concerning anything electrical. It might be a sign of serious problems that are dangerous to your electrical system and the breaker box specifically. Call a trusted electrician to help you with your electrical system to ensure a quick and safe inspection. 
  • If your home has a fuse box – A fuse box has circular fuses connected to each circuit, whereas an electrical panel has switches for each circuit. You want to keep your house up to code, but there isn’t a fuse box in a single house in the nation that meets the minimal requirements. 

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