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Electrical Panels: A Guide For Homeowners

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Every home has an electrical panel, but what are they for? Everyone has heard of and seen an electrical panel but thinks a professional must operate it. But inside the box is one of the simplest mechanisms anyone can operate. 

Electrical panels are gray or silver boxes containing your home’s circuit breakers. Older homes have older electrical panels that sometimes need replacement. Therefore, you need to look for a panel upgrade near me to ensure you always have the best electrical panel at home. 

Electrician Service Team provided us with the best tips to know when an electrical panel needs an upgrade or replacement and how to maintain your panels to ensure your electrical panel is always working properly.

Do You Need An Electrical Panel Upgrade or Replacement? Here Are 11 Signs To Lookout For

Electrical panels are often overlooked since it’s always hidden in plain sight. But, some signs indicate your panel needs an upgrade that you may notice but don’t know what it is. So, check if these signs are present in your home and get an electrical panel upgrade immediately. 

  • Lights are flickering and dimming when you use your appliances.

Do you notice your lights flickering or dimming whenever you use your appliances? These are signs you need an electrical panel upgrade. Dimming lights mean your electrical panel can no longer accommodate lights and appliances that are simultaneously used. 

  • There are sparks when you plug in a device.

Sparks are dangerous and indicate that your electrical panel cannot handle all the appliances and devices plugged into your outlets. Therefore, you need to call an electrician and avail yourself of an electrical panel upgrade to accommodate more appliances and devices. 

  • Your electrical panel is warm to the touch.

We know that electricity is warm to the touch, and when we touch appliances and devices running, they give off a warm feeling. But electrical panels are different and should not be warm or hot when touched. This sign can be dangerous, so call your electrician for an inspection to know if you need an upgrade. 

  • You don’t have enough outlets.

Are you always using an extension cord because you don’t have enough outlets at home? The number of outlets you see in your home indicates how much the electrical panel can accommodate. If you need more outlets, your electrician will inspect your electrical panel and see if it can handle more. If not, you can ask for an upgrade. 

  • You smell something burning.

The smell of something burning is a sign your electrical panel has a problem. Don’t try to fix the problem yourself, especially if you have no background in electrical repair. Instead, call an electrician to help you figure out where the smell is coming from and repair the problem. Sometimes, you’ll need a panel replacement, which is the best choice to ensure your electrical system’s functionality. 

  • You have a rusty electrical panel.

Anything old and rusty means it needs to be replaced. Therefore, don’t hesitate to get an electric panel replacement. Electrician Service Team replaces old and rusty electrical panels to ensure you have a fully functional electrical system. 

  • You have an old version of an electrical panel.

It would help if you replaced older electrical panels to accommodate modern-day appliances and devices. You can ask your electrician for an upgrade to ensure a professional will do the job. Then, you won’t have major problems regarding your electrical panel in the future. 

  • You constantly flip your breakers.

You know it isn’t good when you need to constantly flip your breakers, so your outlets and light switches function properly. If this isn’t a clear sign you need an electrical panel upgrade, then we don’t know what is. So, immediately reach out to your trusted electrician to get an upgrade today. 

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  • The electrical panel is the original panel of your home. 

If you bought an existing home, the electrical panel is also old, and maybe your home has a different electrical system unavailable today. So, it’s best to have an electrician check your electrical system and see if you need an upgrade or a replacement. This way, your new electrical panel can better accommodate your appliances and devices. 

  • You are planning on a remodel.

Remodeling a home requires a change in the electrical system. There will be rewiring and additional outlets, so it’s best to upgrade your electrical panel. You can avail of Electrician Service Team’s panel upgrade services to guarantee the best functionality of your home’s electrical system. 

  • You have additional appliances.

Additional appliances consume more energy. If your electrical panel is small, it cannot supply you with enough energy to power new appliances. If you try using new appliances with older appliances at home, you’ll experience malfunctions and other signs you need an electrical panel upgrade. Therefore, don’t hesitate to get an upgrade so you won’t have difficulties with your electrical system. 

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Electrical Panel Services: How Much Do They Cost?

Now that you know the signs your electrical panel needs to be serviced, you must know how much it will cost. An electrical panel upgrade cost in LA is around $1,500 to $4,000, depending on the damage and labor cost. But rest assured, your electrical panel will perform at its best, and you won’t have to worry about faults anymore. 


If you notice one or more signs of an electrical panel problem, you must immediately service it. These signs will tell you when you need an upgrade and replacement, so don’t ignore them. You can avoid bigger problems such as broken appliances, shocks, and fire hazards. You can count on Electrician Service Team anytime if you need a reliable electrical service provider. 

Did you learn something from this blog? You can learn more about your electrical system when you visit our website. We have more blogs for you to read to ensure you have a fully functional electrical system. You may also call us when you need electrical service for your faulty electrical system.

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