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Electrical Tools You Should Have At Home

Having electrical issues in a house is a regular occurrence. On average, a house will face 5 to 10 electrical issues, minor and major, per year. The lucky ones are those who face minor issues or have to deal with electrical issues during the day. They can manage to fix the problem themselves or get an expert to help them. On the other hand, the issue is serious, and the problems occur at night, except if you have an electrician sleeping in the room next door, you are sure to spend a sleepless night. To solve an electrical issue, whether light or serious, there are two things you should have: some electrical repair skills and a set of electrical tools.

Even with the slightest electrical knowledge and the right tools, you can turn around a serious electrical problem in your home while waiting for an electrician. Obtaining the minimum skills to fix an electrical failure requires some practice but getting the right electrician’s tool to practice only requires knowing which tools you need. If you like to manipulate electrical wires or would like to learn how to replace faulty switches, here are some tools you might need to perform electrical tasks properly.

Voltage Indicator:

A voltage indicator is an electrical device that permits you to measure alternating and direct voltages. You can use some specific types of voltage indicators to measure current or temperature. They are made of two pen-like elements attached to a screened box on which you can read the voltage. The pen-like parts of the device are called test probes. They are test electrodes that measure the voltage of electric wires and devices. This tool is indispensable to make sure that you are safe from electrocution when working with high voltage.

Insulated Screwdrivers:

Among the many different types of screwdrivers in the market, insulated screwdrivers are the safest of all. They come in different sizes and shapes. They have a protective layer on the handles. This layer is made of rubber or plastic and protects you against electrical current. As with all other screwdrivers, they are good for tightening or getting wires loose. In order not to find yourself looking for the right screwdriver every time you need to work on your electrical fixture, we recommend you buy a set of screwdrivers instead of individual pieces. In a set of insulated screwdrivers, you will have one for each shape and size of screws. 

Insulated Pliers:

Pliers are tools that you use to hold or pull wires. You can also use them to merge wires together and tighten them firmly. They are an indispensable addition to your electrical toolbox. Among the different types of pliers, you will find long nose pliers, combination pliers, water pump pliers, side-cutting pliers, and many others. Like insulated screwdrivers, you can buy insulated pliers in a set. A set usually holds between three and nine different types of pliers.

Wire Strippers: 

Wire strippers are tools that you use to remove insulation from electrical wires. They are shaped like pliers, but instead of having flat sides, they have little curves where you put the wires to strip them. These curves form a circle when the stripper is closed. There are various types of wire strippers. Some are used to strip more wires than others. Apart from electrical cables, you can also use a wire stripper to strip internet cables from their colored wire cover. 

Electrical Tape:

When performing electrical repair, replacement, or maintenance in your home, there will always be some naked wires that you will have to insulate to prevent accidents. Electrical tape is the right tool to do that. They are highly resistant to heat and humidity as compared to other types of wires. If you need to close up some wires, they are the easiest tools to achieve that.

Safety Knives:

Safety knives, also known as Stanley knives, are essential tools for cutting wires or electricity-related devices. They have a sharp blade that can cut through wires of all sizes easily. They have insulated grips so that prevent electrocution when using them during your electrical work. For safety, there is no better knife.


When your electrical panel suddenly fails in the middle of the night, and the house turns pitch black, the only way to make it to the panel and fix the problem is by using a flashlight. There are different types of flashlights available from which to choose. However, we highly recommend LED lights. Go for one that is not too big, and that has a key ring. These types of flashlights are easy to transport and use in case of an emergency.

The tools we listed are above are tools that do not need exceptional training to use. For some of them, a little DIY video is enough to understand their functioning. However, if you have no electrical skills and are not familiar with electrical equipment and devices, we suggest you don’t try fixing your electrical system when it fails. Instead, call an electrician who will diagnose the issue and offer you quick and appropriate solutions to your problems.

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