Electricians Service Team Financing Program
  • Fix now, pay later
  • No fees or down payment
  • 0% APR option available
  • Starting at only 44$ / month for panel upgrade
  • Starting at only $167/month for full house rewiring
  • Get your funds as fast as 24 hours
Loan Type Interest Rate Min Loan Amount Max Loan Amount
6 Months 0.00% $1,000.00 $45,000.00
12 Months 0.00% $1,000,00 $45,000.00
Loan Type Interest Rate Min Loan Amount Max Loan Amount
12 Months 0.00% $1,000.00 $40,000.00
24 Months 0.00% $3,500.00 $45,000.00
Loan Type Interest Rate Min Loan Amount Max Loan Amount
5 Years 4.99% $3,500.00 $45,000.00
5 Years 5.90% $1,000.00 $40,000.00

Often when planning home improvement projects like installations or repairs, the biggest limitation to getting what you want can be money. Choices may have to be limited by the money that’s available and can cause you to have to settle for cheaper appliances, systems, and services.

To help you ease those limitations, we’ve partnered with renowned and reliable financial services institutions such as Wells Fargo, Ener Bank, and Synchrony Bank to build financing programs that will help you make your home improvement project just the way you’ve envisioned.

About program

Our financing programs offer you the opportunity to get your project done efficiently and effectively. You will be able to choose the best and most efficient appliances and systems for your home.

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Our finance program offers you the following:

A variety of financing plans:

We have a variety of financing plans for you to choose
from to meet just about anyone’s budget. In case you cannot decide on a financing option, our experts will help you choose what is best for you. 

Affordable Financing Plans:

Regardless of you project size, with our very attractive interest rates, you’ll be able to choose the plan that best suits your monthly budget

Zero interest.

Some of our plans are even up to 18 months interest-free with no money down.

Easy to apply.

Applying for financing is fast and easy. After applying, our lenders will review your application instantly and you will have their decision within minutes. No more having to put your project on hold while you’re awaiting the lender’s decision.

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Advantages of Financing

Financing takes away the financial burden that comes with unexpected or large home projects. When a project demands a huge investment, paying cash in hand is a hard thing to do. With financing, you can pay for your project over time and you can choose the plan that works best for you.


Financing allows you the freedom to choose the options that are best for you and your home versus being limited by what cash is available on hand.

Take advantage of our offer and get your project started. Apply now and choose a
financing plan that suits you.
For more information on our financing program contact our customer service at

We are your partner in all your home improvement projects.

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