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Homemaker Questions: What is an Electrical Panel?

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An electrical panel is a covered metal box that is usually built into a wall in a remote corner of your home. Although located in a remote area, it needs to be accessible because your home’s breaker switches are all located inside it. Breaker switches can shut down automatically if there is too much electrical current flowing through them.

The main circuit breaker controls the power to the entire house and is located in the electrical panel. You may need to know the location of your panel if you want to switch off the electricity at a specific area in your home. 

Here are some issues you may notice from your electrical panel at home that need immediate attention:

  • Corrosion – Corrosion is probably the most common damage to electrical panels. Any moisture source, such as humidity or a steady dripping of water entering from the main service wire, can cause extensive damage to electrical panels. If you can remove all sources of moisture near your panels, you may avoid corrosion in your electrical panel entirely. When corrosion becomes severe enough, electrical connections can also become a safety hazard. Wires and other parts will almost certainly need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Double taps – Multiple hot wires physically connected to a single lug are referred to as a “double tap.” This is most common on residential breakers of an older model and is usually done because no more slots are available in the panel to add new circuits. The only other option is to connect it to an existing circuit near the breaker. While this is usually not a major issue, double tapping is against proper installation.
  • Oversized breakers – This is referred to as “over-fusing.” When a load-carrying wire is clearly undersized in comparison to the rating of the breaker to which it is connected, it can lead to safety risks and even an electrical fire. 
  • Improper bonding – Box bonding is the most acceptable type of bonding to have inside a panel, but it is not present in all panels. In general, an interior main electric panel should have some panel enclosure. Any subpanel that is part of the same structure should not have any bonding.
  • Bad or missing handle ties – A handle tie connects the two separate breaker switches. The material for this tie should not be replaced with other items. Most of the time, these ties are completely absent. Numerous electrical problems can result from bad or missing handle ties in your electrical panel.
  • Recurring breaker trips – During overloading and breaker tripping issues, you may also need to look through your electrical panel if the problem is in one of the connected circuits. More than likely, you may need a panel upgrade from a professional electrician.

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5 Common Signs You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade or Replacement

A functional electrical system is essential to all modern households. Consult a professional electrician for a proper electrical panel upgrade and replacement for your electrical needs at home. Here are some of the common signs a home needs an electrical panel upgrade and replacement:

  1. Home still uses a fuse box – If your home still uses a fuse box, an electrical panel upgrade is heavily recommended in order to keep your home up to code. There are no more fuse box models that comply with the country’s minimum electrical standards. Ensuring that your home is compliant with the latest electrical code also ensures the safety of the building occupants residing in your home. If you live in a shared establishment with no access to the electrical panel, ask the owner of the building if the establishment uses an electrical panel instead of a fuse box.
  2. Repeatedly tripping breakers – Breakers can trip for a variety of reasons, including issues with your home’s electrical panel, faulty wiring, or a faulty breaker. After you’ve done all simple repair procedures but notice burn marks or rust on the breaker, it’s time to replace the electrical panel.
  3. Strange noises from the breaker box – A buzzing sound from your breaker box is normal and considered safe. However, any popping or crackling sounds coming from the breaker box should be noted. These sounds may indicate arcing within the breaker and should be addressed as soon as possible by a qualified electrician.
  4. Burning smells from the breaker box – A burning odor in any electrical device is never a good sign. It could be a sign of serious problems with the breaker box and your entire electrical system. Here are things to look for in determining why there’s a smell coming from the breaker box:
  • Circuit breakers may have burns or scorching
  • Electrical panel burns or scorching
  • Melted insulation or wire burns

5. Heavy up – Even if your old home has been properly serviced throughout the years, it may not be able to handle the energy requirement of modern appliances. If necessary, an electrical panel upgrade will increase your home’s service from 100/150 amps to the industry standard 200 amps. This may be required if you plan on remodeling or upgrading your home’s appliances. You can have your home assessed by a professional electrician so you are aware of the right panel upgrade cost in Orange County.

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Ensure that your modern appliances are all catered to by your electrical system at home. Electrician Service Team can ensure that all your electrical concerns are addressed during the repair service. 

If you require assistance or have questions about your electrical panel at home, you may request a quote from our team today. By reading our other articles, you can also learn more about how to maintain your electrical panel at home.

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