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How Many Times Should You Reset A Tripped Circuit Breaker?

Circuit Breaker Trips and Reset in LA | Electrician Service Team

It is ideal for a circuit to operate without any hiccups. However, a tripped circuit breaker indicates that the safety features of your electrical system are performing as intended. A circuit breaker will trip if the energy or temperature flowing through it becomes too great, protecting the breaker’s delicate internal components. With a flip of the switch, the circuit is broken, and the electricity can no longer flow. The circuit breaker’s internal, spring-loaded mechanism can detect an overload in only a matter of milliseconds. After that, it will automatically shut off the power supply, which 

Electrician Service Team concludes that resetting a breaker is unsafe unless you know for a fact what caused the interruption. If your circuit breakers recurrent trips, we advise against repeatedly resetting them as this indicates more current flowing through it than its trip current. This problem may need a necessary circuit breaker repair service instead of trying to fix it by yourself, which could be dangerous the more you make a beeline for the circuit breaker every time something goes wrong.

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Preferably, connect with us for emergency electrical services in LA if your breaker has already tripped twice. Circuit breakers exist to protect a home’s inhabitants from the dangers of electricity. We can help you manage it before the dilemma worsens beyond repair. 

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