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How to get my electrical system ready for the winter?


Winter is here again and as the temperature begins to drop, the heating systems and outlets in your home potentially become overworked. The home electrical system usually experiences a surge in load during the cold season. This is mainly because most heating equipment, appliances, and light bulbs are running constantly during this period. Increased usage puts a burden on the electrical system in your home, damaged wires and overloading can lead to fires and power outages. Also, strong winds, ice, and harsh weather conditions can lead to power outages, heat outages, downed power, and can even lead to fire outbreaks. Safety recommendations are necessary to mitigate the risks associated with the winter period.

Do you think your house is ready for the cold season? We have created an easy maintenance checklist to ensure that your house is ready for whatever the season has in stall for you. 

  • Electrical service panel upgrades 

Most people take their service panel for granted; they only remember it exists when the circuit breaker trips. This should not be the case because an electrical service panel distributes power to all the parts of your house that need electricity. you should constantly check and upgrade them. Because a degraded service panel is a potential fire hazard. A 200-amp panel is the required standard now, hence a service panel upgrade may be necessary to guarantee safety. Get a reliable electrician to get this done for you.

  • Testing and labeling the electrical panel 

It is important to get your electrical panel tested by a reliable electrician. This way you get informed of existing problems and possible problems. 

Most times a circuit breaker trips when there is a surge in power which leads to an overloaded circuit. Make sure you unplug your electronics and appliances before turning on the circuit again. If everything is ok then your power supply should come back and you can plug in your appliances again. Labeling allows you to pinpoint parts of a system when they have problems. It removes confusion and helps you know what switch to turn off when the circuit trips. 

Contact Electrician Service Team and get reliable and safe electrical repair services.  We will teste and assess your electrical panel  quickly. Our experts electreicians will propose you the best solution in case they find any issue in your panel.


  • Electrical rewiring 

Some homes that were built a long time ago are still equipped with aluminum wiring, it requires replacement. Aluminum wiring is now considered unsafe after recent discoveries that it is associated with fires. 

Your home will also require rewiring if it is still equipped with a knob and tube wiring. As it is now considered obsolete because of its inability to handle modern electricity demands.

Also, when your wires are worn out, they can pose a threat to your home. Wires fray due to severe reasons like aging and corrosion. There may be signs of burns around sockets if your wiring has problems. Get an affordable electrical repair service near you to get this checked. 

  • Be power outage ready

A power outage can be inevitable, the best bet will be to stay ready for eventualities. We recommend having an emergency plan in place, which includes an outage kit – flashlights and batteries, lanterns or other sources of electrical light, medications, coats, blankets, snacks, water, first aid supplies, radio powered by batteries, etc. Make sure that everyone in the house knows where the outage kit is located. 

You can also get a backup generator. If the generator is inactive most of the time, always make sure it runs for about 30 mins to ensure it is functioning properly. Severe factors can affect the efficiency of the generator like extreme temperature, location of the generator (low oxygen and pressure level can cause ignition problems), etc. 

  • Outdoor lighting and evaluating your lighting needs 

Think of  insralling safety features such as motion sensors and pathway lighting to prevent accidents and protect your home from unwanted guests. LEDs are more reliable for outdoor lighting as they can withstand both hot and cold temperatures. They also consume less electricity, are durable and cost-effective. 

With the shorter days and longer nights, it is necessary to have a reliable source of illumination. It is important to always inspect your light fixtures, low temperature can affect the functioning of your light bulbs. Feel free to consult with a reliable electrician if you want to enhance your illumination.

  • Surge Protection 

A power surge can happen at any time and sometimes they go unnoticed. Over time, this power surge can damage your electrical appliances, light bulbs, devices, etc. Install whole-home surge protection to prevent damage from a power surge. 

Preparing your electrical system will help you: 

  • Prevent fire outbreaks.
  • Prevent damage to expensive appliances.
  • Improve the efficiency of the system. 
  • Prevent CO poisoning.
  • Correspond with the requirements of an electrical system.

In the case where there is an unavoidable electrical emergency  do not hesitate to contact Electrician Service Team– the number one emergency electrician near you to fix the issue promptly. 

Call Electrician Service Team For All Your Electrical Service Needs

When getting your electrical system ready for the winter, we might discover some issues that require the services of a certified electrician. Electrician Service Team has the best team of electricians able to  make your least electrical problems disappear. Their long and continuous training and their solid electrical skills will get your electrical system working properly and your home safe.

Schedule an appointment with our expert electricians today by dialing (800)-568-8664 or leaving us a message online. We will send a technician to your home on the best day and time according to your schedule. 

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