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How To Reset a Tripped Breaker? Here Are the Steps!

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The Best Guide To Choose The Right Whole House Surge Protectors

When you have a tripped breaker at home, you wonder what you can do with it. As a non-expert in any electrical work, you can only think of calling in a professional to help you out. However, tripped breakers are actually easy to reset following the right instructions. 

Experts from Electricians Service Team emphasize the importance of electrical safety. Thus, they provide services to address electrical issues. When it comes to tripped breakers, they advise the careful handling of breaker switches for safe resetting. Tripped breakers can be reversed by following the directions of their manufacturer. 

If you have trouble with your tripped breakers, there are residential electrical services available to give you the needed assistance. Reliable electricians can answer your different questions and address issues concerning your home’s electrical safety and protection. 

Why Do My Outdoor Light Bulbs Burn Out So Often?

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You could tick off several factors when it comes to the lifespan of your outdoor lights. Because they are located outside, external factors are obvious culprits why the light bulbs burn out so often, but what could be the other reasons? 

  • Movement: Your outdoor light fixtures are prone to excessive movement, like shaking, because of external factors such as the wind. If the fixture shakes excessively, it can damage the bulls and cause them to fail early into their lifespan. 
  • Corrosion: Especially if it’s an old fixture that you have outdoors, you will often notice it rusting. Due to moisture, the metal sockets can rust, causing the bulb to burn out. The effects of corrosion can extend to the wiring, contributing to connection issues. 

Note: If your bulb has a recessed socket, it’s vulnerable to overheating, too. So it could also be the reason your exterior bulbs fail too quickly.

  • Excessive voltage: Do you think your light fixtures get sufficient power? Or maybe it’s got too much power to use? You should know that excessive voltage can be why your outdoor bulbs fail too often.

Can I Plug Holiday Lights Into a 110-Volt Exterior Outlet? 

When the holiday season comes, you take out your holiday lights for outdoor decoration. However, you are sometimes confronted with questions about whether you are using the right outlets for your lights. Can you actually plug them into a 110-Volt outdoor outlet? 

The simple answer is yes. You can plug your holiday lights into that outlet, making sure the lights do not create a greater load than the outlet’s capacity. If they do, you risk a trip in the circuit breaker. If you plan to add more lights, perhaps you can check if your circuit can accommodate them. 

What are some safety tips when using holiday lights? 

  • Beware of broken and damaged bulbs
  • Replace old light bulbs 
  • Consider weatherproof lights 
  • Look for lights with UL seal 
  • Use the right cords 
  • Keep your lights dry 
  • Keep light strands elevated above ground 
  • Keep the plugs off the ground 
  • Avoid any tripping risks and hazards 
  • Don’t overload outlets 
  • Don’t put cords through windows and doors 
  • Consider GFCI outlets 

Am I Safe From Lightning Strikes If My Home Has a Surge Protector? 

Surge protection for your home is an excellent investment, but does it guarantee your safety? If your home has a surge protector, you must be wondering whether you’re all safe from lightning strikes. 

Well, you should know that installing surge protectors is not enough to protect your home from lightning strikes. Although they are great for enhanced electrical safety, they are not potent devices that serve as single protection for your home. 

When talking about lightning strikes, it will also depend on the distance to your home. If it strikes more than a mile or so, you won’t have to worry much about damaging your electrical system. If it hits a transformer near your home, your surge protector won’t have sufficient defense to safeguard your home. 

What good do surge protectors do? 

  • They provide a high level of protection from power surges. 
  • Installing surge protectors will give you peace of mind. 
  • They are a good investment that will provide added electrical safety.

What Does It Mean When My Fluorescent Lights Flicker or Cycle On and Off?

Flickering lights are often seen in horror movies to signal the presence of entities (which explains your fear). However, it should not be the case for your flickering light at home. Two common reasons why your lights flicker are connection issues and energy-hogging. 

  • Connection issues: if your lights blink, perhaps they have faulty wiring. Light fixtures can move and shake, causing the wires to wear out and loose. If they do, they can affect the connection in your lights, causing them to flicker. 

How to address this? 

While you can always remove small bulbs to check them, bigger and more complex fluorescent lights should only be handled by electrical experts. Especially after confirming their wiring issues, you would prefer to hire a professional electrician to rewire and reinstall them. 

  • Energy hogging: Does your light have a separate circuit? Does it share with other major appliances in your home? If they do share with other devices, the bigger appliances are likely hogging energy from your light. 

What’s the solution? 

It’s simple. You want to separate your fluorescent lights and have them in a different circuit. 

Should I Replace My Aluminum Wiring At Home? 

The type of electrical wiring in your house will always boil down to your preferences. However, you want to consider your home’s safety requirements. We’re sure you would have that as a top priority. So do you replace aluminum wiring? 

To be straightforward, yes, you should replace aluminum wiring. You should know that aluminum wires overheat so quickly, making them an electrical hazard. They are not illegal, though, and they should not cause you to panic. You can actually tell whether they need updating or replacement already. Take note of these indicators; 

  • You notice that your breakers frequently trip. 
  • You feel a tingling sensation when touching an appliance. 
  • You see flickering lights. 
  • You smell persistent burning or scorching odors. 
  • Your outlets spark and are warm to the touch. 
  • You still have two-prong ungrounded outlets at home. 
  • You see no GFCI outlets in the kitchen and the bathroom. 

Do you find our article helpful? Check out more informative articles as you explore this website. If it’s a service that you need, you should contact Electricians Service Team. 

How to Reset a Tripped Breaker? 

Your breaker trips to shut off power and avoid the escape of surging electricity. How do you reset a breaker after it has tripped? 

  • Turn off all your devices. 
  • Locate the service panel. 
  • Go through the handles to feel them. 
  • Identify a trip breaker when they feel “springy” or “spongy.” 
  • See the handle of the tripped breaker in the mid position. 
  • Turn the handle OFF (from middle to outward position). 
  • Turn the handle ON (toward the panel’s centerline). 
  • Make sure the handle is seated firm to its ON position.

Do you find our article helpful? Check out more informative articles as you explore this website. If it’s a service that you need, you should contact Electricians Service Team.

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