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Outlet GFCI Keeps Tripping: Why It Happens and How You Can Repair It

Outlet GFCI Keeps Tripping | Electricians Service Team

It’s annoying when your outlet GFCI keeps tripping, and you have no idea what causes it. There are several reasons for it, and if you want to know what causes a GFCI outlet to trip, then you are in the right place! We’ll talk about why a GFCI outlet keeps tripping and what you need to do to address the problem. Electricians Service Team has the best answers to your questions, and we’ll find out all about them here.

The Causes Of A GFCI Outlet To Trip 

When your GFCI outlet tripped and won’t reset, it is a sign of an electrical problem that only an electrician can fix. If you want to know why it trips, here are the common causes of a GFCI outlet tripping. 

  • You are experiencing a ground fault occurrence. 

Ground faults happen when a live wire comes into contact with a live wire. This situation can also be present because live wire comes in contact with the grounded surface of appliances, which is also dangerous for you. If your GFCI outlet trips immediately after you plug your appliance, you need to check it at once.

If possible, avoid repairing yourself because working with electricity, live, and ground wires can result in injury. You need a reliable and reputable electrician to guarantee your safety and the functionality of your GFCI outlet again. 

  • Moisture is present in the receptacle box.

Moisture and electricity are a bad combination. If moisture is present in the receptacle box, you must shut off the electricity until the moisture is gone. Also, find out where the moisture comes from to fix the situation. 

When your electrician arrives, you may show the moisture in the receptacle box, and they will figure out the best plan to get rid of moisture and prevent moisture build-up in the future. Again, if you don’t have experience with electrical services, don’t attempt to repair or wipe away the moisture in the receptacle box. 

Once your electrician fixes the box, you may try to use the outlet GFCI and see if it still trips. If not, then the operation was a success, but if the GFCI outlet still trips, there are a few more ways on how to fix a GFCI outlet that keeps tripping.

  • Your circuit is overloaded.

Avoid overloading your circuit since it will cause tripping. Your GFCI might not handle much at once, so ensure to distribute the load. Once you’ve distributed the load to other circuits, check your GFCI outlet again. If it does not rip, then you fixed the problem.

Call your electrician to guarantee your outlet is in great condition. They know how to restore your GFCI outlet and prevent further tripping problems properly. Then, you won’t have to worry about your outlet and be comfortable using it when you need to. 

  • You have an electrical fault.

If you are faced with an electrical fault, you need to call your electrician at once. Electrical faults are tricky to work with; only a professional can see the problem. If you are not trained for this kind of problem, it is better to get assistance than try it yourself. 

Once your electrician successfully repairs the electrical fault, you may continue to use your outlet without further complications. Also, ensure your outlets and wirings are secure and original so your electrician may have an easier and more efficient way of addressing the problem. 

  • Your GFCI is faulty.

If you’ve done everything mentioned above yet your GFCI outlet keeps tripping, you might need a replacement. Defective GFCI outlets are dangerous and should not be of use, so call your electrician to have them replaced at once. 

To ensure you get the best service, reach out to Electricians Service Team today. We will handle your GFCI issues and guarantee to repair and replace them if needed. This way, you won’t have to stress about your GFCI outlets anymore and won’t be scared to use them again.

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