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Preparing For The Holidays? Get A Circuit Upgrade For Your Christmas Lights

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The best days of the year are among us; we see the most beautiful light displays while driving through neighborhoods. Of course, we want the same thing, so we need the best Christmas lights set up at home. But can your circuit handle all the lights you want? 

If you need an electric panel upgrade, know that Electrician Service Team has the best available services today. But first, let’s learn how to prevent an overload when multiple Christmas lights are turned on. 

Installing Christmas Lights? Here’s How You Can Prevent An Overloaded Circuit

No one does a minimalistic Christmas light display, so we know you’ll need tons of lights for the perfect Christmas display today. But can your circuits handle all the lights? Here are the best ways to prevent an overloaded circuit.

  • Utilize all available outlets. 

If you overload one outlet, you will overload your circuit. So if you have multiple Christmas lights turned on simultaneously, use other outlets to prevent overload. You can plan how you want your lights displayed and find the nearest outlets for each section. This way, you can guarantee that electricity is properly distributed.

  • Use outdoor Christmas lights.

There are two types of Christmas lights: outdoor lights and indoor lights. Indoor lights are not resistant to elements, so pay attention when buying lights in a store. To ensure your Christmas lights won’t get damaged anywhere you put them, opt for outdoor lights, even if used indoors. 

  • Outdoor extension cords are a must. 

Outdoor extension cords will solve your problems, especially if you have trouble finding an outlet your Christmas lights can reach. There are plenty of available extension cords for exterior use, so don’t worry about having a hard time finding one today. 

Even if you use an extension cord, ensure to distribute Christmas lights accordingly to prevent an overloaded circuit. Invest in multiple extension cords depending on how much you need for your Christmas light display. 

  • Limit the Christmas lights attached. 

Christmas lights have sockets for another set of lights to attach to them. But, you must limit attaching lights to three sets to avoid overloading. This situation is where your extension cords come in. This way, you won’t have trouble turning all the lights at once and wow-ing passers-by with your beautiful display of lights. 

  • Invest in power outlet stakes for outdoor Christmas lights.

Having an extravagant display of lights for the holidays requires you to get power outlet stakes. They act as surge protection and have timers so you can configure your Christmas lights to them. The best thing about power outlet stakes is that they have multiple outlets you can use simultaneously while being protected from overloading. 

These are great investments even after the holidays, and most power outlet stakes are guaranteed waterproof and outdoor-friendly. Therefore, if you have other occasions requiring multiple outlets, you can use the stakes and not worry about overloading. 

Circuit Upgrade: Do You Need It?

Once you’ve set up your Christmas lights and notice other lights in your home flickering, your electrical panel might not handle everything that needs power. Therefore, it’s best to call a professional electrician to inspect your electrical panel and check if upgrades are needed. 

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If you need a new electrical panel, you may avail of Electrician Service Team’s electrical Christmas installation in San Diego for tried and tested services today. This way, you can plug in all the lights you want without an electrical overload. 

The Christmas season is all about festivities, and if you want the best lights to sparkle during this time, follow the tips we mentioned above. These tips will help you have the most amazing lights on Christmas without electrical problems after. Ensure you follow everything mentioned above and have a wonderful Christmas celebration!

Did these tips help you achieve the perfect Christmas display? If so, check our page for more tips and tricks for the best electrical system today! You may also avail of our professional services by calling us to ensure your electrical system is ready for the holidays.

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