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Electric Panel Upgrade

Electrical Panel Upgrade | Electricians Service Team

What is an electrical panel?

First, we will start with understanding what an electrical panel means; it is sometimes called the load center, distribution board, main breaker box or breaker panel. It is a service box that accepts electricity into the home and then distributes electrical current to the different circuits in the home. The electric current that has been shared to different circuits is then protected by the circuit breaker/ fuse. Each circuit breaker trips off when there is overload so, it is the job of the electric panel to regulate the current load in the home and keep your home safe and comfortable.

Do I need to upgrade my electrical panel?

The answer to this question is yes. Most times people assume that when they buy a house the electrical service panel will last as long as the house lasts. This is not necessarily true because of the following reasons:
  • Connection loosens with time.
  • Prolonged use can affect the efficiency. In moist places your board can get rusted or corroded.
  • Dust accumulation can also shorten the lifespan.
  • The typical lifespan of an electric panel is 25 – 40 years. When it is well past that age it is necessary to get an electrical panel upgrade. When you carry out proper maintenance and also when you carry out electrical panel repair when you notice a fault, you can most likely increase the longevity of your load center.
  • Necessary boxes to tick when you are considering repairing or replacing electric panel:

    • Homes above 20 years of age – these homes still run on the lower current (60-100 amp); the newer homes run on higher current (200 amp) these days. This is because the energy requirement in modern appliances are higher now. So, it is necessary to upgrade in such a situation.
    • Heating up – when you touch the panel and it feels warm beneath your hands, it is a sign of overloading or improper installation.
    • Strange smell – if it has a burning smell, it can be a sign that a wire is not connected right or something else.
    • Frequent tripping – if it constantly trips off it is necessary to replace at this point.
    • Flickering of the light – if your light flickers a lot most especially when you are using some other devices, this can be a sign of some loosening in the connection.
    • Appliance upgrade – if you are upgrading your home with new appliances it is necessary to ensure that the panel can carry the load. When necessary you can replace. – if your light flickers a lot most especially when you are using some other devices, this can be a sign of some loosening in the connection.

    How to replace electric panel

    Frequently asked question is “who should handle the task of replacing a panel?”. It is necessary to call a licensed electrician to get this done for you.

    You are at the right place! Here at Electrician Service Team we have well trained and licensed electricians that can help electric panel install. They provide both commercial and residential home services in Los Angeles region.

    How much does it cost to upgrade panel?

    The price usually varies but depends on some factors:

    • Project scope – the requirements affect the price. For example, the price of replacing an old panel with a more recent one will vary from the price of installation of a small auxiliary panel.
    • Conditions – the state of the site also affects the price.

    But generally, with our company the prices are always customer friendly and economical.

    So, if you suddenly encounter problems with your electrical breaker, then contact the Electricians Service Team. We offer emergency electrical services day in, day out.

    Call Electrician Service Team today for your home electrical inspection. Trust us now and we won’t be disappointed!
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