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Outdoor lighting
Lighting | Electricians Service Team

Landscape lightning makes your house look amazing in the dark. Outdoor lightning is important not just for the aesthetic value but also for the added security it assures you and your family. When some features are placed strategically, they have severally advantages:

  • Discourages robbers and burglars –An outdoor lighting illuminates all shadows lurking around. You can be able to notice any strange forms and have some time to call the police. Most times when the lights are on it discourages burglars because it means that you are home.
  • Lights up your driveway and pathway – it makes life way easier for you. You don’t have to struggle to find your keys at the front door or struggle to insert it in the key hole. It allows you to get into your house with little or no hassle.
  • Keeps critters away – it scares not just critters away but also some other crawlers.

Why not take your home to another level now!

Nowadays the most commonly used lighting system is the motion sensor. It comes on with movements, it is advantageous because it saves you energy and prolongs the longevity of your bulbs. And as for how many lumens you need for outdoor lighting, it is from the range of 12 to 1500 this depends mostly on their locations. For example, pathways are about 100 lumens, motion sensor are about 700 lumens.

At Electrician Service Team, all our electricians are certified and experienced, so you are assured qualified experts on your property be it commercial or residential. We cater to the following outdoor lighting services:

  • Outdoor lighting installation
  • Outdoor lighting replacement 
How to install landscape lighting
  • You can choose to install outdoor wall lighting and place them on the corners to also illuminate the pathways.
  • They can also be connected by spurs on already existing lighting or circuits.

At our company we build relationships with our customers and provide them with all the services they need; we cover the whole of Los Angeles region. Our services go past installation, we offer you from installment to design to maintenance. Whatever you want and desire, your satisfaction is our goal.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you are in need of an appointment. We are always ready to help. 

Indoor lighting
Lighting | Electricians Service Team

Electrician Service Team is glad to provide you indoor lighting services. We are hereby, assuring you that we can take care of any electrical problems you may come across.

In the absence of good lighting, the rooms in your home may not look as good as they should and may not also be functioning in the night time or in the dark. The lighting sets the right mood in the home or at work. If the lighting in the office is great, the workers will be motivated to work and the clients will be pleased to work in such environments.

At our company, all our electricians are well experienced to work on your properties, you have nothing to worry about. We offer you both home and commercial services and our indoor service includes:

  • Indoor lighting installation
  • Indoor lighting replacement 
Why should you pick an Electrician from Electrician Service Team?

Our service scope extends to all regions in Los Angeles, as long as you live in Los Angeles, we are the guys you are looking for. It is of great importance to have a licensed electrical contractor to perform these services because it is the safest way to ensure that the lighting is properly fixed and avoid hazards.

When to call.

Here are some common pictures that you may come across.

  • A lot of people complain that the new light bulb they just acquired blew out quickly. Electrician Service Team has a deep-rooted knowledge of products and can provide you with the products that best fit your home or workplace.
  • Sometimes people experience the failure of lights to come on. This may be an electrical dysfunction; at our company we can troubleshoot the problem for you and get it fixed in no time.
  • A switch or feature is not working right. The electricians in our team can check if is a matter of replacing some parts or replacing the whole thing.
  • The lights are not giving sufficient lighting. You can work together with our team and come up with something better to fit your budget. 
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