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Whole-House Surge Protection
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Why you should consider getting one installed

Power surges are too frequent to not take measures for protection. A professionally installed whole-house surge protector is an investment that can save you thousands. Most insurance claims for this type of damage exceed $10,000. Even if a surge does not cause noticeable damage, with time, electrical components begin deteriorating prematurely leaving you with the cost of repairs and replacements. The most notable victim of power surges is breakers. Without a whole-house surge protector, it could damage your breakers resulting in no power flowing in your home. You would require circuit breaker repair to restore electricity, which is why it would greatly help when you have a whole-house surge protector installed.

We rely on modern technology more than ever. We fail to realize that our electronics are sensitive to voltage surges. Surge protectors are becoming necessary to shield your electrical equipment and home.

According to The Fire Protection Research Foundation, nearly 95% of people who have experienced a power surge that caused damage, immediately purchased a surge protector. The study showed “61% of the people reported that it cost less than $10,000 to repair the damage resulting from voltage surges, but 16% reported damage in excess of $50,000 to fix.”

Power surges pose a threat to your safety as well. 10.7% of respondents said they were either directly or indirectly injured as a result of a voltage surge. Necessary devices like Life safety equipment are frequently damaged as only 14.7% of people responded no equipment was damaged or lost function.

On average, houses experience 20 power surges daily. Not to mention, over 20 million lightning strikes occur annually in the U.S. alone. Each one of these occurrences causes damage to your electronics and home. 

Surges and abnormalities within our electrical system are common and frequent.
These fluctuations are typically caused by
  • Appliances – By cycling on and off throughout the day, appliances are responsible for 60-80% of power surges occurring within your home. Low-level surges eventually degrade the internals of your expensive electronics.
  • Faulty electrical wiring – With age or unprofessional service, your home’s electrical system may become unsafe. You may want to have your electrical system inspected as a precaution.
  • High electricity demand – Caused by extreme power grid usage.
  • Fallen lines – Caused by external forces like storms, wildlife, fallen branches/trees, and more.
  • Lightning – Can instantly cause unprecedented damage to your home. 
Electronics at risk without a surge protector (suppressor)
Your electronics are especially susceptible to voltage surges. Anything that is connected to an outlet or hard-wired into your electrical system is at risk.
  • Heating and Cooling (HVAC) Systems
  • Home Security Systems
  • Computer/Laptops
  • Life Safety Equipment
  • Automatic Garage Doors
  • Refrigerators
  • Washer’sdryers
  • Televisions
  • Stove
  • Lighting 
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