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Every home is powered by electricity, in the modern times most appliances run on electrical current. Yet, electricity is a very complex subject to understand. Electric current can be in two forms:

  • Direct current (DC) – these current flows only in one direction.
  • Alternate current (AC) – it flows in the reverse direction also hence it is not one-directional. This form is what powers the light bulbs, devices, appliances and outlets in your home.

Electrical system can be compared to water system. In the water system the water gets into your home through pipes and faucets and leaves the home through drains likewise electrical system. Electricity comes into the home through wirings and circuits, and it leaves the home through the ground. Electrical wiring is a way of connecting different features in order to distribute current from the central supply to the rest of the home and appliances in the home.

Electrician Service Team provides you with home wiring services in Los Angeles region. We have well trained and licensed electricians with wiring specialties.

So, are you building a new home and you need electrical wiring services? We are here to offer assistance. In new homes, wiring installation can be done even before the walls are finished. 

There are different types of electrical wiring systems they include:

1. Cleat method – this is done using PVC wires and holding them to walls and ceilings using cleats made out of porcelain. It is mostly used for short period not permanently and is almost out of date.
2. Batten method – laying one or more wires over a wooden batten and a brass clip is used to steady it.
3. Casing method – not widely used these days. In this type of wiring cables are housed in wooden casings.
4. Lead aluminum protected method – in this type of wiring the wires are coated on the external surface with aluminum alloy. This protects it from mechanical harm.
5. Conduit wiring – can be in 2 forms the surface and concealed conduit wiring. This is the most commonly used method of wiring now.

It is of paramount importance to be very careful and thorough when carrying out electricity wiring because, any little mistake can lead to a hazard. That is why we are here to help you to do this, we offer you nothing but the best.

Electrician Service team does not only offer you installation, we also offer you electrical wiring repair. If your home is experiencing some problems with the wiring, do not worry call us now. Be it aluminum wiring repair or conduit wiring repair our electricians are trained to handle it.

Here are some of the warning signs that you are developing a faulty wiring system

When your electrical system is old, broken or wrongly installed you may experience any of the following problems.

  • Constant circuit breaker trips – normally the breaker trips when there is excess current but, in a situation, when it becomes more frequent it can be a sign of faulty home wiring.
  • Flickering of the lights – this is another important sign. When using multiple appliances if your lights flickers on and off it shouldn’t be ignored.
  • Humming sounds – when you hear humming sounds from outlets or breakers or even the light bulb, this is a cause for concern.
  • Strange burning smell – this can be caused by faulty wiring.

Heating up or vibrating of the outlets. This list will be helpful to you when you suspect a problem with your home wiring. To ensure that all your wiring is safe and without fault, our technicians do safety inspections & troubleshooting so you can rest easy knowing your home is safe from wiring accidents.

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