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Top 10 Landscape Lighting Ideas

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Top 10 Landscape Lighting Ideas

Darkness should not limit your backyard activities like night swimming and weeknight grilling. When you have backyard lighting installed, you can keep the fun affair going long after sunset, improve outdoor ambiance, and safeguard your home from invisible threats.

A landscape lighting for the contemporary home needs to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. The use of landscape lighting is to enhance visibility and security, while providing a bright, inviting atmosphere. Your outdoor lighting can function as ambient lighting for pathways and terrace, or serves as accent lighting to fine highlight landscape features. From bollard and path lights to spotlights and step lights, there are different designs of landscape lighting for your backyard. 

The majority of landscape lightings are low voltage and with good purpose. Compared to 120-volt systems, it is more secure to deal with and less expensive to install. Although low-voltage lights get ten percent of the power, a step-down transformer can manage it, so there is no restriction on the effects they can reach, from ethereal moonlight radiated to a tree canopy to a subtle light that washes above a low garden wall. It’s more than just choosing the best hardware, a pleasing lighting plan is also about creativity.

Lodging an exterior landscape lighting is a perfect way to add lure, restrain appeal, and safety to your home, pathway, and entrance. Also, when you have a current system, it can be improved or altered easily to reflect new layouts, designs, or landscapes. There are several ways to light up your backyard. Although you may have seen different landscape lighting ideas, you are still undecided which would fit and work best for your home or even how they would come together. Below is our list of top 10 landscape lighting ideas.

 Ground Lights

When you need to save on some space, landscape ground lights are ideal alternatives to illuminate your pathways, driveways, decks, and pool areas. Ground lights provide an architectural beauty that is durable and long-lasting. They are aesthetically pleasing ways to guide your visitors without blocking the sidewalks and deck spaces.

Step Lights

Landscape lighting can be added to most modern exterior home designs. The steps lights are a perfect way to enhance visibility in the evening while keeping almost invisible from view. Utilize two small stair lights on oscillating steps for the best lighting presentation.

Bollards Lights

Bollard lights provide an aesthetically pleasing path to highlight visual perimeters in the dark. Let bollards lead your visitors at night, while securing your backyard and garden from trippers got lost. The path lights that are low to the ground will do a great job, while staying conservative.

Geometric Lights

Don’t hesitate to show off some modern designs by choosing walkway lights with present-day styles. Think of the pathway lights with geometric patterns, such as horizontal illumination slots and solid frames. The fine lines and distinct shapes will provide your landscape lighting into the 21st century.

Architecture Lights

Utilize the architectural designs of your property to your benefit when enhancing your landscaping lighting design. Doorways, windows, and other architectural features can provide a framework for your lighting tastes. Wall lights that give lighting and down lighting are perfect for linear features, such as long slim windows.

Wall Lights

Check if there is sufficient light by your exterior doorways. Large outdoor wall sconces with extensive arms are an ideal option for this since they will radiate light downwards in a dynamic yet graceful way. Wall lights on both sides of the door should give sufficient illumination all night long.

Up or Down Lights

The placement of spotlights makes a big difference in the outdoor lighting experience. Spotlights on the ground are great for highlighting landscape features with up lighting. Spotlights near the roofline are best-suited to cast powerful light downwards to brighten wide areas like entryways. This is perfect to create a sense of security and maximize visibility all night long.

Rock Lights

When you are not sure about your landscape lighting design, consider keeping it simple. One of the best designs is rounded wall lights and bollards. The glossy curves of rounded outdoor lights provide a natural appeal while giving an open area of downlighting.

Symmetry Lights

Visual symmetry is an essential feature of landscape lighting, giving a simple and neat look. Whether you have a spacious entrance or two-story deck, pick wall lights that will visually align with the architectural features of your  contemporary home. Sleek wall lights with natural designs are an ideal choice.


You may highlight any landscape elements with outdoor spotlights. Adaptable spotlights let you radiate detailed accent lighting to exquisitely showcase landscape features such as sculptures, fountains, or gardens. LED lighting is ideal for this as its heavy-duty, energy efficient, and long-lasting.

Prior to investing in landscape lighting, you should consider your purposes for installing illumination in your property.Maybe you want to set a soft, peaceful mood at night. Perhaps you have a bench or a dim garden corner you want to illuminate for safety purposes. A pathway leading through the garden may need lighting to set its boundaries. You might also want to emphasize some features of your properties like a water fountain or swimming pool.

The ideal landscape lighting can make a big difference with regard to the lighting experience of your modern home. Most modern designs highlight adjustable heads or dimmable lights that bring your exterior lighting to the next level. LED lighting is the best option if you are looking for energy-efficient outdoor lighting. You need to make sure that your landscape illumination is designed for outdoor spaces and rough weather conditions.

Let your backyard illuminate every special event and invite friends into your home safely while highlighting pathways, architectural features, gathering areas, and more. A landscape lighting expert can identify all of the possibilities and provide the most efficient illumination to bring your backyard to life. When you have landscape lighting inquiries or need assistance in bringing your lighting ideas to life, Electricians Services Team can help you turn it into reality.

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