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Top 5 Home Safety Devices

    Electricity runs our world by powering on computers and homes, charging batteries for portable electronic gadgets and making our homes cool and well-ventilated. However, electricity is also dangerous to humans and equipment, so electrical safety devices have been installed as safeguard against potential electrical dangers.

    Fortunately, most of these safety devices are affordable considering the value they provide to your home. The safety and convenience that these devices provide to a home is something that all of us should take into consideration. Always remember, however, that the efficiency of these units depends on the quality of their components.

    As trusted residential and commercial electricians, Electrical Service Team believes it is our responsibility to ensure that every electrical service we attend makes it to the highest level of quality possible. Thus, several different online articles highlighted the significance of industry-standard electrical safety tips. 

    Here are the top 5 home safety devices that you should have installed in your home:


    Like a circuit breaker, a fuse is put up to prevent a home circuit from overloading. A fuse utilizes a  resistance wire with a low melting point attached to series into a circuit, which requires that the total current of the circuit needs to pass through it. As the fuse is a resistor it produces heat more efficiently than the other parts of the circuit. The fuse comes with a melting point that is directly proportional to the maximum current the circuit can carry, so when the current reaches above the circuit’s maximum,  the fuse will get hot and then melts, breaking the circuit and throwing away the chance of the circuit being overloaded. Fuses are composed of different melting points enabling different strengths of current to pass through it making it useful for all home electrical circuits. The fuses are covered with an insulated rubber case to avoid the melted fuse to become a risk. Although, the downside of the fuse is that after the wire is melted, it becomes useless and must be changed for the flow of electricity in the circuit to be brought back.


    The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are home safety devices that are used to prevent the damage of electrical shocks by promptly detaching the circuit when the rerun neutral conductor and the recharged conductor are imbalanced. This electrical safety wiring device detaches the circuit once this imbalance is detected. Imbalances can be due to the current breaks through human tissue due to incidental grounded contact with recharged circuits. This electrical safety device can be very practical under these circumstances, however, offer limited safeguard against  overloads or short-circuits.


    Arc Fault Circuit Breakers are a special home safety device. The standard circuit breakers sense faults when the current goes beyond the maximum value, however, there are faults that arise when this value falls short. An electric arc flash takes place when a current passes through an air gap between conductors. These can be due to the dust or rust on the conductor, incorrect system installation, or normal wear and tear of the components. Arc fault circuit breakers gauge the broken current wave in the contrary to the heat which the circuit breakers fail to do. If any irregularity is detected the arc fault circuit breakers will trip and cut the connection to avoid an electrical fire.


    Surge protectors are electrical safety devices that protect your home and appliances from abrupt spikes in electrical current. It’s important to prevent any form of power surges and know why they are harmful. While they may appear similar to extension cords and power strips, they are unique in a way that surge protectors provide much more protection against abrupt spikes in current flow. In fact, there are some manufacturers that will include warranties for the appliances attached to their products when they completely stop working. Surge suppressors are more expensive than extension cords or power strips, but if you want to secure high-end electrical appliances and devices, it is highly recommendable to purchase surge protectors today.


    A tamper proof receptacle is intended for parents of toddlers that will become curious to those holes or openings in the wall. A tamper-proof receptacle or  outlet prevents an electric current from passing through an electrical wall outlet unless all parts are energized at the same time. For toddlers who might be crawling or walking around the home with a fork, they will be unable to shock themselves by putting it into a space. It’s high time to start making your place a child-proofing home. 

    These home safety devices for electrical purposes are very important so that your home will not be vulnerable to electrical accidents. These safety devices, along with the appropriate safety practices, will guarantee that you won’t have any issues with your electronic devices and gadgets, even something as unexpected as power surges or outages.

    Most incidents of electrical fires can be prevented by strictly following some simple electricity safety tips. There are electricity safety measures every homeowner needs to follow. Remember to see a professional electrician when you are unsure about the safety of an electrical appliance or outlet issue.

      • Check if you are using the correct wattage in your appliances and electronic devices.
      • Pay attention to overloaded outlets to safeguard your home.
      • Change or repair worn electrical cords to make your home safe.
      • Tidy or secure your used and unused cords to prevent damage.
      • Unplug all your appliances after using to eliminate potential hazards.
      • Keep electronic devices and electric outlets far from water to prevent shock.
      • Provide your appliances enough space for air circulation to prevent overheating.
      • Make sure that all your exhaust fans are free from dirt to avoid fire hazards.
      • Follow appliance instructions always to secure electrical safety.
      • Be careful with heaters to prevent potential risk of accidents.

    It’s true that electricity has become so useful in our daily lives that we at times forget the risks and dangers that it can pose when not dealt with care. At Electricians Service Team, we believe that it is our responsibility to recommend the safe practices with regard to making your home safe. By installing and maintaining these electrical home safety devices, you will protect yourself and your family. Call us today and we will help you secure your home’s electric system.

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