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Warning Signs Of Outdated Wiring.

Electrician Measuring Voltage Using Multitester In Circuit Breakers

As blood is essential to the human body, so is electricity to a house. Electricity is the only thing in our home that can completely disrupt our lives. Can you imagine your life without a refrigerator, washer, or air conditioner? Terrible, isn’t it? To have electricity go through our home, we need to build a strong electric system that starts from the electric panel to the switches and sockets in our rooms. Thanks to different types of wiring, we are able to make current flow to every corner of our homes. However, as nothing lasts forever, your home wiring is bound to wear one day, and it is better to be aware when that happens. There are two important questions then to answer. First, can you detect faulty wiring even if you aren’t an expert? Secondly, what are the signs that show that your wiring is outdated? To the first question the answer is yes and to the second – there are many warning signs that should alert you on wiring issues. Let’s look at some warning signs of outdated wiring and what to do when you notice them.

Constantly Tripping Circuit breaker.

Tripping circuit breakers are a sign of wiring issues in all homes, although it does not always mean that your wiring is outdated. The cause of tripping wiring might be a bad connection or uneven amperage between the wires and the circuit breaker.

However, if you live in an old home and you suddenly encounter multiple tripping circuit breakers, be careful as it might be one of those warning signs of outdated wiring. If this happens, the first thing to do is reduce the amount of energy used in your home. To do that, unplug unnecessary devices and appliances. If your circuit breaker continues tripping, do not turn it back on. Contact an expert technician to have a look at it and replace it as soon as possible.

Flickering and dimming lights.

Like tripping circuit breakers, flickering or dimming lights do not always announce a problem with outdated wiring. Nevertheless, in an old house, it can be the case. 

How to distinguish if your flickering lights are just a result of a poorly fixed bulb or an outdated wiring? Logically, the first thing to do when you notice a flickering or dimming light is to check if the bulb is well fixed. If the bulb is well fixed and the light is still not stable, try to turn on another light or plug in a device to see if it works normally. If they don’t, then you certainly have an outdated wiring issue at hand. In this case, do not try anything and call an expert electrician to look at the problem and find an adequate solution to it.

Strange Crackling Sounds.

Strange sounds coming from any system in a house is never a good sign. In your electric home system, it is the sign to stop everything you are doing and call an expert. When a burning smell accompanies the sound, turn off every electrical appliance, system, and device and immediately get out of the house. Such sound might result from burning wires in your walls and result in home fires or broken appliances.

Warm Spot On Outlets And Walls.

Another sign of outdated wiring that could cause a home fire is warm spots. No matter the charge of electricity going through your walls, electrical wiring is not supposed to create warm spots on your walls or outlets. Any warm spot is a sign that something is dangerously wrong. When you notice a warm spot, especially next to an outlet, run to the electric panel and turn everything down. Then contact an expert electrician who will troubleshoot the problem and fix it. It is greatly unadvised to try a repair yourself. You might end up electrocuted or worse – burn your home.

Smoke And Scorch Marks From Outlets And Appliances.

Scorch marks and smoke in your home are the most serious warning of an electrical issue. Extremely hot wires or electrical sparks often cause scorch marks. If you notice that on your walls or outlets, contact an expert immediately to check your wiring. If the situation has gone too far and you notice smoke coming out of your outlets, appliances, or walls, evacuate the house and call emergency services.

Protect Your Home From Electrical Issues And Electrical Fire Hazards.

Fortunately, you can prevent all the issues mentioned above. Preventing electrical issues starts from the moment you install your home electrical system. There are three crucial factors to take into account when installing a new electrical system.

  • Make sure the system is installed following the norms and OSHA guidelines
  • Use quality and certified electrical equipment.
  • Hire experienced professionals to do the installation.

If you move into a house built a long time ago, have its electrical system checked. Inquire from the previous owners about the house’s repair history. Ask how often maintenance and repair have been done on the system and the state of the wires. Finally, make sure to perform electrical maintenance at least once a year. Have your whole house’s electrical system checked by an expert.

Do You Have Any Issues With Your Electrical System? Electricians Service Team is here to help.

Electricians Service Team is a long-established electrical service company that provides high-quality services at unmatchable prices. We work with top electricians, trained and licensed. They can handle any electrical issue from the outlet replacement to the whole house rewiring project. Since our establishment, we’ve built, repaired, replaced, and done maintenance on tens of thousands of homes around the country. We know what we do, and we do it perfectly. We are confident that our services will bring you complete satisfaction and that you will never find better elsewhere.

All you have to do is get our technician at your home is to give us a call at (800)-568-8664 or leave us a message online. We work every day, including weekends and holidays. No matter the time of the day you call, our customer service representative will be on the line to help you with your electrical problems. They will get an expert electrician to you as soon as you hang the call. Choosing us is choosing quality, efficacy, and promptness.


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