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Ways Of Improving Exterior Lighting Fixtures.

Exterior Lighting Installed Side By Side In A Door

How is the exterior of your home? Are you satisfied with its current lighting and the aspect it has from outside? If not, maybe you should think of updating your exterior lighting. Improving your exterior lighting is a great way to beautify your porch and backyard, making them more warm and welcoming. To achieve perfect exterior lighting, you should first choose the ideal lighting fixtures for your home. To do that, there are a lot of things you should take into account. Some of these things are their size, color, style, brightness, and the height at which they can be fixed. Let’s jump in together and see how you can make your outside better looking and more comfortable for friends and family.

Consider The Size Of Your Exterior

When choosing the right light for your exterior, settle for one that brings some kind of harmony by enlightening a maximum space without being too bright nor aggressive to the eye. A light that is too excessive can seem awkward and make your home look less imposing. The area where you are planning to place your lights also influences the size of the light. A side yard or driveway may require bigger lights, while the lights on your front door might require more modest and decorative lights. For entrance installations, a decent dependable guideline is to choose an apparatus that is around one-third or one-quarter the stature of the front entryway.

Choose The A Style Of Lighting That Fits Your Home

Once you have the sizes of your exterior light fixtures decided, choosing light fixtures that agree with the style of your home will help improve its appearance. To bring perfect harmony to your outside, you can match the metal material that makes your doorknobs and fixtures with your new light fixtures. This will create a beautiful blend and a more finished look.

Don’t Make It Too Bright.

The ultimate objective of outside lighting is to brighten your exterior space without overdoing it. Reaching such a result requires a meticulous and perfect arrangement of your outdoor lights. That is placing light fixtures and understanding the benefits of placing them in an exact position. For example, side yards and garages should use more luminous bulbs to make the area brighter. This will be an advantage for security, and in case you have to move your vehicle or do some work on it. Other parts of your exterior, such as your front door, porch, and back deck, can do with small fixtures and milder or more darkened lighting. This lighting will create a smooth, comfortable setting. We recommend using Led bulbs in these areas since they are long-lasting and reliable.

Think How High You Want Your Fixtures To Be.

How high your lighting installation also contributes towards beautifying the looks of your exterior. The best mounting height for your fixtures is around eye level. Setting your fixtures at this height will greatly improve the look of your outdoors, making it more appealing to the eye.

Choose The Right Location For Your Lighting Fixtures

Now that you have the appropriate height for your fixtures let’s find an appropriate location and placement to perfect the look of your outside. Let’s start with the entrances and front doors. Here you should opt for sconces fixed on each side of the entrance or front doors.

For your covered deck lighting, you will have to choose depending on the available space you have. If you have enough space, you can try outdoor chandeliers. They will give a chic appearance to your deck. 

The garage light installation will also depend on its size, and the number of car stands it has. A one-vehicle garage might just need one fixture by the walkway or two fixtures placed on both sides of the garage entryway. A two-vehicle garage with two separate entryways may look appealing, with three lights dispersed on the left, middle, and right sides of the garage.

Lighting Fixtures You Can Get For Your Home

Now that we understand the influence of size, style, and arrangement, is our choice for perfect exterior lighting, let’s have a look at the various types of lighting we can get for our exterior.

  • Post lights: These independent and magnificent installations function admirably for enlightening walkways or denoting a yard border.
  • Outdoor Table Lamp: Best for open decks or back patios, these lights add a little romanticism to your home. Also, they are mobile, thus very convenient.
  • Outdoor wall sconces: Intended to illuminate front doors, stoops, and entrances, they function admirably to flank front doors and enlighten side passages.
  • Outdoor Chandelier: Adding a chandelier to your covered deck is a class act – contemporary chic. All you need for it is space on your covered deck.



Improve Your Exterior Lightings With Electricians Service Team Experts

Improving your exterior lighting is the perfect way to refine your outdoors, making it more cozy and warm. Such a project can sometimes become overwhelming if you do not know how to choose the right fixtures and handle electric wires. Fortunately, Electricians Service Team experts are always ready to help you carry out any electrical home improvement project you may have. If you need assistance improving your exterior lighting fixtures, do not hesitate to contact our team of certified experts. They will arrive at your home immediately to get the job done. Call us today at (800)-568-8664 or leave us a message online to schedule an appointment. 


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