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Common Signs You Need an Residential Electrical Repair Service

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Many homeowners are guilty of ignoring home repair problems, hoping they will eventually disappear. Electrical repairs are no exception. However, they never go away unless you hire professional electrical wiring services. Ignoring an electrical issue can be a hazard to your safety, as it is one of the leading causes of local house fires in the U.S.

Because of constant wear and tear, older homes are especially prone to electrical trouble. Older electrical systems also have aluminum wiring that poses serious electrical problems due to electrical expansion. When aluminum wires expand and contract due to heat, connections can come loose and cause short circuits.

So at the first sign of electrical issues, don’t hesitate to call Electricians Service Team for licensed, professional electrical services. Our fully licensed electrical professionals are available 24/7 to provide exceptional residential electrical services. Here are some signs you need a professional electrical repair service for your home.

  • Flickering lights. When a single light in your home flickers, your first thought is bulb issues. However, if changing the bulb doesn’t fix the issue or if multiple bulbs are affected, you might have a serious electrical issue on your hands.
  • Breakers frequently trip. Circuit breakers provide surge protection for your home. If it detects an irregularity in the current flow of your electrical system, it trips the breaker connected to the problematic circuit. If it happens frequently, you need a licensed electrician to inspect your home.
  • You notice a burning smell. Faulty wiring can cause wire insulation to burn and melt. Electric current creates extreme heat when its circuit is interrupted, which can cause a serious fire hazard for any home. Don’t hesitate to call a fully licensed professional if you notice even the faintest burning smell in your circuitry.
  • Your house is decades old. An old house most likely comes with old wiring. Upgrade your home’s entire electrical system to accommodate new appliances and prevent electrical problems.
  • Electrical outlets don’t work. Electrical outlets are connected to specific electrical circuits in your home. If one or more of your outlets fail, you might be dealing with an electrical problem that needs to be addressed immediately.
  • You hear buzzing sounds. Electricity produces a distinct buzzing sound when it jumps from one pathway to another. Short circuits are often the culprit when you hear unusual buzzing noises in your home, especially near the electrical panel or wire conduit.
  • Electrical components are warm to the touch. Irregular current flow produces heat. If your electrical components, such as electrical panels, are unusually warm to the touch, they may be experiencing irregular current flow.

Always Be Safe

Watch out for these signs to keep your home’s electrical system in peak working condition. Never ignore any of these signs, as they can be a fire and safety hazard if left unchecked by a professional. Call our experienced team of electricians for reliable, convenient, and budget-friendly services.

While homeowners can do DIY fixes for certain electrical problems, getting a licensed professional to do the job is always the safer way. Professionals have the latest diagnostic and repair tools to provide accurate fixes and complete the repair job in one visit.

How Do I Find Out What’s Tripping My Circuit Breaker?

Electrical Installation Services | Electricians Service Team

A breaker usually trips when you plug in too many appliances at once. Unplug appliances that consume the most energy, and reset your breaker. If the breaker continues to trip, unplug more appliances in specific areas of your home until the breaker no longer trips. Call a licensed electrician to upgrade or service your electrical panel.

Can electrical short cause fire?

Electrical short circuits can create sparks that can cause a house fire. In worse cases, short circuits can cause an explosion. A shorted circuit also generates heat as electricity tries to find other paths to travel through. Prevent a potential house fire by dealing with short circuits with urgency.

How do I locate an electrical short in my house?

A short circuit occurs when electricity diverts to a different path to return to its source instead of continuing to the intended service area. You can use a multimeter to check for short circuits. Put the multimeter in continuity mode and put the black (negative) probe on the end of the wiring you want to check for continuity and the positive probe on the other end of the wire. No beep means there is no current flowing through. If there is a beep, check the multimeter reading. You probably have a short circuit if the number is smaller than 0.3 ohms.

Call a licensed professional to inspect your home for short circuits and other electrical problems that need urgent repairs for a more accurate diagnosis. Electricians Service Team is your go-to for superior, peerless electrical repair and maintenance services.

Where do most electrical fires start?

Most electrical fires start at short circuits. Shorts can happen when positive and negative wires accidentally touch each other or other surfaces that connect to the opposite charge. Short circuits cause sparks and, often, explosions that can start a fire.

How much does a residential electrical service cost for a short circuit?

Depending on the severity of the problem, the complexity of your electrical system, and the accessibility of your wiring, you can have a short circuit fixed for at least $75 to $200. Call our licensed electricians anytime for a quote for the necessary repairs.

These are only some of the most commonly asked questions about short circuits. If you have more questions about your home’s electrical system, don’t hesitate to give our experienced electricians a call through our 24-hour hotline. Our experts are always on-call to provide nothing but the best electrical services for thousands of homeowners.

If you need your home’s electrical system serviced by licensed electricians, feel free to call our hotline anytime. Our dedicated electricians are available 24/7 to service your home.

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