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What Causes Dead Outlets and How To Fix Them

No one would argue that electricity is one of the major and most useful innovations man has ever made. Thanks to electrical elements such as switches and outlets, seven billion people are able to enjoy the advantages of electricity. However, if we had to compare between the switch and the outlet to determine which one is the most useful and advantageous, the outlet would without any doubt take the lead. To use any appliance in our homes, the first thing we do is plug them. Therefore, when you wake to see that your home outlets are not working, there is a good reason to be concerned. Even though a dead outlet could be simple to fix, it can also be due to some serious electrical problems that will require the skills of an expert technician. For you to be able to deal with dead outlets more effectively, we came up with this article that will explain in detail what causes dead outlets and how to fix them.

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4 Main Causes Of Dead Outlets

Tripped Circuit Breaker.

Circuit breakers are half of the time responsible for energy cuts in your home and thus for a dead outlet. When there is a powerful and unexpected surge of power, the circuit breaker trips to prevent the huge energy flow from breaking your appliances. This might happen if you have too many appliances plugged in simultaneously. To check if a tripped circuit breaker has caused your outlet not to work, try to plug one of your equipment in other outlets around the house. If all the outlets are down, the problem certainly comes from your circuit breaker.

Solving the issue is quite easy. When a circuit breaker trips, the lever of the circuit breaker switches to the middle or off position. SO, all you have to do is switch it back to the top position, and that is it. Not to cause the circuit breaker to trip again immediately, make sure you unplug all your appliances before flipping the circuit breaker.

GFCI Outlet

A GFCI outlet is a type of outlet that works somehow as a circuit breaker. These types of outlets are recognizable by the red, blue or white reset button they have in the middle. GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. These are outlets that shut off when electrical power travels in an unintended path. Thanks to these types of outlets, your family is safe from electrical shocks and fire hazards. If you have a GFCI outlet and it seems not to work, check that it has not shut down. First, unplug all equipment from the outlet and then press the reset button. If doing this solves the problem, then the GFCI outlet was the problem; if not, the problem might be elsewhere.

Worn Wiring

Wiring is a component of the home electrical system that causes some of the most serious electrical issues, amongst which you can count dead outlets. Often, if your outlets are not working due to your wiring, you will notice other warning signs of a wiring problem. Some of these signs include;

  • Flickering lights
  • Strange sound from the outlet
  • Burnt smell from the outlet
  • Hot outlets

In case you notice any of these signs, do not try to solve the problem yourself. Instead, contact us at # for an emergency electrical service. Our team has the necessary tools, skills and experience to solve your wiring issues fast and perfectly.

Poor Connections

The final reason your outlet might not be working might be due to bad electrical connections. This might be due to a wire that is not properly connected to your outlet or screws that are not tightly fastened. An outlet with poor connections either does not provide enough power to run your equipment or does not work entirely. If the wires connected to a dead outlet are part of a circuit, then other switches and outlets on that circuit won’t work either. 

How do you know if your outlet has a bad connection? If you notice that your outlet is unusually hot, that there are burnt marks around it or that your outlet makes a strange buzzing noise, then you might have a bad connection in your outlet. You might have noticed that these signs of bad connection in outlets are similar to the signs of poor wiring. This similarity is what makes the detection of poor connections difficult. That is why if you notice something wrong with your outlets, it is better to contact our experts for professional electrical diagnosis and repair.

Electricians Service Team Offers Professional Outlet Repair and Replacement Services.

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