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What Happens When Your Whole House Surge Protector Trips?

Whole House Surge Protector Installation | Electricians Service Team

If you look around your home, you will see that almost everything you own runs on electricity — from your television to your computer to your fridge to your lights to your smart security system. What would happen if a massive power surge hit your home?

You may think your electric appliances are safe because you plugged them into a power strip. But are they? The combination of severe weather, power grid disruptions, and infrastructure that needs updating makes debilitating power surges all too real.

If you live in an area that experiences frequent thunderstorms, you may want to invest in a whole-house surge protector. But what is whole house surge protection? And what happens when it trips? Let the experts from Electricians Service Team give you the answers.

Whole House Surge Protection

This surge protection is hard-wired into your electrical system to provide surge protection, not for a few electrical components, but for your entire house, thus the name.

The key to successful surge protection is proper grounding. Without it, the surge protector is useless. If you have doubts about your home’s grounding capabilities, book an inspection from your local electrician before installing the whole house surge protection.

A good surge protection system can stop more or less 40,000 amps surges. Some surge protectors have useful alarms or lights that indicate when it successfully stops a power surge.

Multi-level surge protection systems protect against surges outside your home and those caused by your appliances. Ensure your house is fully protected from a power surge from the inside and out.

Common Types of Power Surges

Power surges can happen extremely fast. They can occur in just a fraction of a second, but they have the potential to affect your electric appliances instantly. Power surges are commonly caused by:

  • Lightning. Lightning is the most powerful form of a power surge. It can send about 200,000 amps of electricity through your home’s electrical system, producing surges of more than 50,000 volts. It can burn through your electrical system in seconds.
  • Faulty wiring. If your home has old wiring, you will likely experience a power surge. Worn-out wiring can cause a power surge when you least expect it. Older wiring systems can’t handle the demand of your modern appliances and electronics, which can also cause a sudden surge.
  • Cycling of home appliances. Appliances like your fridge and air conditioners use a lot of energy. These appliances can cause mini power fluctuations when you turn them on and off. This internal electrical cycling generates roughly 80% of power surges. These mini power fluctuations degrade the performance of your appliances over time.
  • Downed power line. When a utility line near your home goes down, often during a storm, your home can receive bursts of overvoltage, causing a surge of power that can damage appliances and other electronics.

So what happens when your whole house surge protection trips?

A surge protector is similar to a filter. It allows safe electrical current and prevents irregular voltage from affecting your power utilities. Doing so protects all your appliances and electronics from burning out.

The whole house surge protector is your home’s first line of defense against voltage spikes, whether internal or external. It suppresses the spikes and ensures you can live a fulfilled and secure life.

How Do I Fix My Whole-House Surge Protector?

Whole House Surge Protector Repair Services | Electricians Service Team

Surge protection should go far beyond clunky power strips behind your electronics. Power outages, lightning, and short circuits can damage your home’s wiring and electronic devices, such as your appliances. Whole-house surge protection is the best technology that is hard-wired into your electrical system to protect everything in your home.

While whole-house surge protection is an essential part of your home, it is recommended that only a licensed electrician install, repair, and maintain such advanced electrical technology. Expert electricians are highly trained and licensed to handle all kinds of surge protection in your home, including whole-house surge protection.

Electricians Service Team is the perfect fit to service and fixes your whole-house surge protector that delivers results. We provide:

  • Installation

Get one now if your home does not have a whole-house surge protector. Today is always the best time to protect your home and appliances from unexpected electric spikes. Spend hundreds of dollars now to get your home protected instead of spending thousands later on wiring and appliance repair and replacement.

  • Maintenance

We’ll ensure your whole-house surge protector always runs at peak efficiency. Power surges can happen anytime, whether internal or external, so it is good to have a surge protector you can always count on. Old surge protection units might work on small surges, but when it comes to more powerful electrical irregularities, such as lightning and downed power lines, only a modern and well-maintained whole-house surge protector can prevent it from reaching your home.

  • Repair

Tired of your appliances breaking down when a sudden surge of electricity enters your electrical system? Your whole-house surge protector might be faulty. You can call our licensed electricians anytime for an inspection of your surge protector, including wiring.

  • Upgrade

Want to upgrade your protection? We’ve got you covered. Whether you want extra protection between your meter and the main electrical panel, your circuit breaker and your home, or both, we can give it to you. We’ll ensure your whole-house surge protector is at its maximum capacity, providing upgrades when necessary.

You can trust Electricians Service Team to provide all these services because we have hundreds of expert, licensed electricians with years of combined experience in surge protection. Our electricians stand out because:

They are fully licensed. We don’t just hire your run-of-the-mill electricians; we employ only the best who are fully licensed to ensure they are highly qualified and certified to handle any surge protection services we offer.

They have decades of experience. Our expert electricians have been in the electrical industry, specifically surge protection, for years. They are seasoned professionals who have serviced thousands of homes and whole-house surge protectors, so you can rest assured we have the solutions to all your surge protection problems.

They have the right tools. As a certified electrical company, Electricians Service Team provides our field electricians with the latest, most advanced electrical tools and equipment to complete any electrical job in one visit.

They are dedicated and passionate. We are one of the most dedicated electrical experts near you. Whether you need installation, repair, or maintenance services, you can always count on our licensed electricians to deal with your problems with a smile.

Now that you know everything about whole-house surge protectors and their importance for your home don’t hesitate to call Electricians Service Team anytime for unmatched installation, repair, and maintenance services.