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What Is a Circuit Breaker and How It Affect My Electricity Bill

    A circuit breaker is definitely an essential device nowadays, and one of the most practical safety possessions in your home. Once electrical wiring  loads an excessive amount of current flowing through it, these devices shut off the electric power until the issue is resolved. The absence of circuit breakers or even fuses, your home electrical system would be unworkable as the potential for fires and other accidents due to  some wiring issues and equipment malfunctions.

What Is A Circuit Breaker?

    A circuit breaker is an electronic machine that is installed for the secure and efficient operation of the electrical circuit. Its basic functional principle is that it manages and regulates  the flow of electric current in the circuits it is connected to, and when the amount of the flowing current goes beyond the standard value, it automatically breaks the connection and keep the external wiring and circuitry from breaking down due to current overload.

    It is essential as in the modern days the equipment used and the wiring designed are such that they use an enormous level of electric current which contribute to an increasing risk to the vulnerability of the circuit, therefore, putting the equipment and electrical devices at a risk.

    When a larger amount is reached than the allowable value of current can be hazardous and can produce immensely harmful effects. This significantly generates a risk for the costly equipment which are being regulated through that electrical wiring, or the costly electrical parts which go further ahead in the circuit and can be broken down by the overloaded current flowing through the electric circuit.

    Furthermore even if the cost is practical and is not of much an issue, still the damaging of these things can lead to complex reinstallation of the wiring which is apparently not the best alternative.

Characteristics of a Circuit Breaker

    The circuit breakers are manually switching machines that can produce, load, or break a circuit whether manually or automatically under regular and irregular circuit conditions. Under good conditions, a circuit breaker can produce, load or break currents and under irregular conditions, it can produce or load for a particular amount of time and break the currents. The characteristics of a circuit breaker are as follows:

      • Circuit breakers can produce or break electric circuits under regular operating conditions whether manually or using a remote control.
      • In irregular or faulty conditions, circuit breakers can interrupt the circuit automatically.
      • Circuit breakers can produce the circuit in faulty conditions whether manually or using a remote control.

These features of a circuit breaker make it a very practical machine for switching and protection in your electrical system.

Types of Circuit Breakers

   Taking into account its features and several other such issues and unexpected occurring circumstances in mind, a circuit breaker is recommended to be the best alternative to use as a secure tool in your electrical system every day.

    Circuit breakers can be classified into two types, based on their mechanism to electrical surge. They can be manually operated or automatically operated. However, the simple system of a circuit breaker typically consists of a bimetallic chip, which twists or strips the contact depending upon the condition that if the circuit breaker is to open or close.

How It Affects My Electricity Bill?

   When there are no known reasons for a surge in the electric bill, then there could be a problem with the circuit breaker. In some cases, shorts can happen in the circuit breaker that can use up power, which indicates a rise in the monthly bill. Switch off all the circuits in your breaker and switch on one at a time and inspect the disc spin. When you notice one specific circuit with an abrupt spinning disc, it should be addressed.

    The issue with electrical wiring can result in  electricity leakage in various ways. When you reside in an area with cold winters, the persistent cycle of chilling and thawing soil can result in rocks to break underground electrical wiring. It occurs all the time in northern climates. Uncovered wiring for a water pump can break when it rubs the metal pipe.

    Visit your attic and crawl space for worn and torn wiring. It can result in several different conditions, but some animals biting off the wires is one very common example. Worn wiring can cause the connected unit to overheat and take up additional electricity. In this  case, it  calls for both an animal control expert and a professional electrician at once.

    It’s practically just faulty wiring  causes electricity leakage. That indicates that power is passing towards your home, however it does not reach to your home appliances and electronic gadgets. It doesn’t mean that your equipment and devices won’t work, but it simply signifies that you are using up more electricity than what you really need.

Warning Sign for Faulty Circuit Breakers

      1. Other than failing to supply electricity, damaged circuit breakers can be dangerous or even deadly. 
      2. Issues  in electricity are the leading cause of home fires, but the risks may also involve electrical injury, shock, and burns.
      3. Shield your eyes by wearing safety goggles when resetting a circuit breaker. In addition, position to the side of a panel in case any flickers are removed from the circuit breaker when adjusting it.
      4. Make use of a flashlight to clearly see when the power is off.
      5. Inspect electrical devices and wires when working in wet spots to see to it that they are in good condition and don’t have any abrasions or damages. It’s important to ensure that any live wires do not get in contact with water.
      6. Do not work on any damp electrical devices to be safe. Instead, contact an expert electrician to check it out and fix the problem.
      7. Old residential and commercial buildings, especially those constructed 30 years ago should undergo a full inspection of the electrical system and have any original main electrical panels or machines replaced for secure and efficient use.

    In such a case, damaged wires can cause your home appliances and electronic devices  to heat up, increasing your energy consumption leading to your bill to increase even higher.

    Do not disregard a circuit breaker that trips and breaks. If you have this issue at home, don’t hesitate to contact Electricians Service Team. We are dedicated to providing fast, efficient, and quality electrical services.