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Why You Need A Circuit Upgrade for Christmas Lights

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You like when your house is all lit up for Christmas. But do you have your circuits ready? As the holiday season approaches, you want to check on your electrical circuits to see if they’re all geared up for the Christmas lights. You can’t risk overloading your circuits and dealing with problems when you should have been celebrating. 

If you’ve heard of an electric panel upgrade, you should probably consider it. Upgrading your panel will replace circuits to cater to more amperage. You can feel more confident about adding any light decorations you want. Never let your circuit do more than it can. 

You must be thinking about getting an upgrade now. We say you’ve come to where you should be because Electrician Service Team has some great advice. It’s time you learn the benefits of a circuit upgrade and how you can make your Christmas much safer. 

The Best Benefits of A Circuit Upgrade

When you think of Christmas, you immediately think of the light decorations. If you plan to add more lights this upcoming holiday season, then you should definitely consider an upgrade. Learn these three benefits of a circuit upgrade and see yourself convinced. 

  • Increased power: With an upgraded circuit panel, you know that your home meets its power needs. This means you have sufficient and even expanded electrical service that can cater to new major appliances. And with Christmas coming up, you can be the most confident. You can hang all the light decorations you want, minus the worry. 
  • Energy Efficiency: An upgraded panel is an energy-efficient panel. Unlike your old receptacle, a new one does the job more efficiently. It uses less energy and saves your pocket from any more expenses. This Christmas, you do not want to settle with outdated and worn-out circuits. For safety’s sake, you want to consider an upgrade. 
  • Improved safety: The best benefit you can get from an upgrade is improved safety. You know how it is with electricity, so you want to be safe and protected all the time. During Christmas, you can avoid electrical accidents with your circuits, free from any risks of overloading. 
  • Low maintenance costs: You can consider a circuit upgrade a gift for your home this Christmas. If you have not known it already, an upgraded receptacle will decrease maintenance costs. A new panel will be less likely to damage appliances from surges. 

Tips To Prevent Overloaded Circuits When Using Christmas Lights 

Light decorations are anywhere at home during Christmas. We bet you’ve already had some hanging up at the start of December. But are your circuits safe with all the lights? You should need some helpful tips on preventing overloaded circuits using your lights.   

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  • Consider the types of lights you buy: First and foremost, you want to consider the type of lights you purchase. They come in different colors, styles, sizes, and wattages, but you want to get ones that are safe for your home. What’s recommended are LED Christmas lights. Wanna know why? 

LED lights only consume about 20% of the amount of energy used by standard incandescent lights. So, they are obviously more energy efficient. What’s more, they have lower chances of short circuits! Would you ask for more than lights that can save money and make you feel safer? Definitely not. 

  • Know how many strands are safe: To be straightforward, keep it to three. This is per the recommendation of the Electrical Safety Foundation International. If you plan to use LED lights or those UL-labeled ones, they will usually have instructions.

If you want to have your lights installed safely, you can also get some help. You can get services for electrical Christmas installation in Orange County and let a professional set up your lights. 

  • Dedicate a number of outlets: It must have become your habit to string lights from end–to–end and use only one outlet, but you can definitely break this habit. It is possible, and it’s better to distribute your light strands between multiple outlets. By doing this, you can reduce the electrical load placed on a single outlet. Simply. It’s much safer. 

What we all want is a happy Christmas, free from any problems. Making sure your electrical circuits are upgraded is one way to keep your home safe. You can spoil your home with all the different styles and colors of Christmas lights and not have any worries about accidents at all. 

Besides safety, upgrading your circuit panels brings more benefits than you know. You can increase your home’s power, increase your receptacle’s efficiency, lower your utility bills, and save money on home maintenance costs. All in all, a circuit panel upgrade is an investment you will not regret this Christmas. 

Did you find our article helpful? You can read more of our blogs and get the information you need. To help prepare your electrical panel this Christmas, you can directly contact the Electrician Service Team. 

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