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Electrical Panel

Since The Weather Has Been Cooling Down Steadily, Chances Are Your Electrical Bills Headed The Opposite Direction. This Also Means Your Electrical Panel Might Be Getting Overloaded Due To Increased Usage Of Appliances And Indoor Heating.

As You Probably Know, Once A Breaker Fails To Trip, There’s Always An Issue – Excessive Electric Current Can Potentially Cause Overheating, Circuit Damage, Lead To Home Fire And Even Explosion! 

We Would Like To Say That We Do Care About Your Home’s Electrical Safety. We Want You To Be Prepared. Hence, We’re Offering You

FREE Electrical Panel Check ($500 Value!)  

Get Your Panel Checked And Rest Assured That Your House Is Securely Protected From Any Sort Of Electrical Emergencies. Totally Free Of Charge, No Hidden Fees.

Wait! Before You Click Out Of Here, Here’re Some Most Common Questions We Ask To Determine If Your Panel Has Been Sending You Emergency Signals.




  1. Is your panel older than 20 years?

  1. Do you have a fuse box?

  1. Do you have a Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) panel?

  1. Do you have a Zinsco panel?

  1. Is your panel less than 100 amp?

  1. Have you ever seen moisture/water next to or close to the electrical panel?

  1. Do your breakers trip often?

  1. Have your breakers ever failed to trip or fallen out of place?

  1. Have you ever experienced one of the following:

  • Smell of burning plastic or wires

  • Buzzing sounds

  • Overheating of outlet covers, cords and plugs

  • Sparks around electrical items

  1. Do you plan or installing/recently installed one of the following:

  • New appliances

  • A new HVAC system?


In Case You Answered Yes At Least Once, Just Give Us A Call And We’ll Send A Licensed Electrician Your Way For FREE. With Our Techs Having 10+ Years Of Professional Experience, We’ll Give You The Most Accurate Report On What Needs To Be Done. 

Use The Code FREE ELECTRIC To Claim The Offer Today. 

Limited Time Only! This Offer Expires 1/31/2021. 

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