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Smoke detectors services
Smoke Detector Services | Electricians Service Team
What is a smoke detector?
It is a small device that senses smoke and serves as an indicator of fire. Only working smoke alarms can give early warning needed to save lives. They will awaken you, give you the well needed warning and give you time to escape, but this can only work if they are installed well and are functioning fine.
How does a smoke detector work?

The act of keeping your home safe from fire outbreak is not a topic to take for granted or take with ease. The first form of fire detection is a heat detector, its function is to detect any change in temperature level (mostly high changes) that is out of the norm. its major disadvantage is the absence of speed and inability to cover wide areas.

Apart from this option there are 3 other variants and they are:
1. Photoelectric – they are more responsive to the smoldering type of outbreak. It works using a sensor. It also has a light source that gets scattered whenever smoke enters the chamber. The scattered light particles move towards the sensor and sets off the alarm.
2. Ionization – these types are very sensitive to fast, raging fire outbreaks. Inside is a minimal quantity of radioactive materials that pass through the charged plates creating a chamber. If there is any form of smoke entry, it offsets the whole process of ionization, reducing the current and activating the alarm.
3. Mixed – this type offers you both responses and poses a better security option. 

Electrician Service Team is here to help you with your smoke detector installation and smoke detector repair. Smoke alarms should be replaced when worn out and have passed their lifespan. Contact us now and keep your home safe. We have a team of well trained and licensed electricians that offer you the best services in the whole of Los Angeles.

One of the most frequently asked questions is “how many smoke detectors do I need?”. It is great to have a smoke alarm in every bedroom and on every level of the house which includes the basement. For example, a 2 story, 4-bedroom apartment needs at least 6 alarms. The various locations to place your smoke alarm:

  • In all bedrooms
  • Living areas
  • All levels of the home 
The cost of installing a smoke detector

Typically, the cost varies.

  • For ionizing type, ranges from $15 -$60
  • For photoelectric type, ranges from $20 -$80

You may also spend some additional money on miscellaneous like batteries etc. 

Thus, if you need a smoke detector installed in your home, then contact the Electricians Service Team. Our technician will accommodate all your residential electrical service needs.

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