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Safety inspections and troubleshooting
Safety Inspections and Trouble Shooting | Electricians Service Team
Electrical malfunctions can be very tiring both at home and at work, most especially when you are not trained to carry out electrical repairs. Your electrical system might as well also be a disaster waiting to happen.
Fire safety inspection

Old devices and appliances can pose a risk of fire outbreak for certain reasons:

  • Aging of a device = weakening and degradation of the device.
  • Manufacturers in the past years did not adhere strictly to safety rules.

For someone that has no training at all, a dysfunctional distributor panel is no different from the functional distributor panel. It is necessary to get trained eyes to look at your electrical system so they can pick up little problems before they grow into monsters. 

Electrical troubleshooting

Does your light bulb keep flickering? Or does your outlet heat up a lot? this might require troubleshooting of electrical outlets. Are you also experiencing some problems with your electric furnace? You also need troubleshooting of the electric furnace. All these problems can be attributed to poor electrical wiring. It is necessary to get this looked at too. 

Where can I find safety inspection near me?
We are your guys for this job. At Electric Service Team we provide our clients with electrical troubleshooting throughout Los Angeles Region. Our certified electricians offer you routine maintenance and repair and also a wide variety of other services like troubleshooting electrical circuits. At our company, we make ourselves available whenever you need us.
Some electrical problems that we troubleshoot and solve.
    • Problems with lighting both indoor and outdoor lighting.
    • Outdoor lighting problems that are related to the weather.
    • Flickering of bulbs.
    • Constantly tripping breakers.
    • Overheating of outlets and switches.
    • Burning out of bulbs due to connection problems.
    • Increase in energy consumption.
    • Appliances are not working fine.
    • Old and outdated outlets.
      Need for surge protection.
    • Burnt fuse etc.

When we are inspecting your home or working place we always look out for the following:

  • Increase in energy consumption.
  • Appliances are not working fine.
  • Old and outdated outlets.
  • Need for surge protection.
  • Burnt fuse etc. 
There are different reasons why people opt to get safety inspections

1. When buying an old house or building, it is advisable to hire experts to inspect and troubleshoot the electrical system to make sure that everything is in perfect working condition.
2. If you suspect a problem in your maybe you have noticed some signs, it is also important to get it looked at by an expert. It prevents the occurrence of incidents or injuries.

Ensure that your home meets the national electric code, this is a set of rules that guides the country and ensures that a building is always safe. It is necessary to always upgrade your system in other to satisfy these norms.

When you are searching for an expert to help you with this, you should put a few things under consideration. Not all electricians are trained enough to get this done, ensure that you pick someone that is licensed, certified and experienced in this field of work. For all your residential and commercial electrical service needs, contact Electricians Service Team.

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