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Is Getting A Whole House Surge Protector Worth It?

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If it’s your first time hearing about a home surge protector, let us put it simply for you. A home surge protector is a device connected to your service panel to protect from electrical surges. An electrical surge is a dangerously high amount of electricity that can enter the panel. According to Electricians Service Team, they can pose a risk of electrical problems and accidents. 

You must be here checking how to install one as per your electrician’s advice. A whole house surge protector will be the right solution to your electrical problems that will ensure your family’s safety. You can’t risk any accidents happening in your home and spend on further electrical repairs. 

Is getting a whole house surge protector worth it? You must first interest yourself in learning more about it with our help. We will enumerate signs and indicators that your home needs this installation, the benefits it comes with, and some tips to help you choose the right installation service.

The 4 Benefits of Installing a Home Surge Protection 

Generally, the idea of providing your entire household with a surge protector is to give you, and your family added defense from any electrical accidents. Aside from that very important matter, there are more ways a surge protector can help you: 

Here are four benefits of a whole-house surge protector: 

  • It protects your gadgets. More than ever, you can see more and more gadgets being introduced in the market, and we are all drawn to buying these devices. In your home, you must have several gadgets that require you to use electricity for charging. These gadgets are prone to power surges. 

You might not know about it, but these gadgets have delicate components and circuit boards (just like LED light bulbs). Your phones, tablets, laptops, and computers are vulnerable to electrical surges because of this very reason. 

You should know that power surges can damage circuit boards in gadgets beyond repair. So, installing a home surge protector should be in order. You should know by now the risks you are exposing your gadgets to when you experience electrical surges at home. 

  • It prevents small power surges. They may be small, but these surges are what cause your circuit breakers to trip all the time. These small power spikes often come from inside the home, from appliances such as the AC. If you own a high-power air conditioning motor, it can be the reason for the power spikes. 

You might think small power surges are not a cause of concern because they don’t have a serious impact, But trust us when we say that the impacts of these surges can add up over time. They can hurt your circuits, appliances, and other electronic devices. Installing a protective device for home surges can help prevent all this. 

  • It protects appliances from damage. An appliance can damage itself because of the power it gets from the grid. These appliances can also generate surges that only backfire, decreasing their performance. 

How home surge protection works is by protecting your appliances. Home surge protectors prevent the entrance of unacceptably high amounts of current that will pose a risk and damage to devices and appliances. 

With the installation of a whole-house power spike protection system, you can not only protect your appliances but can also ensure their longevity. 

  • It prevents electrical fires. You know how dangerous electricity can be. In fact, it’s one of the country’s most common causes of fires. So, you must prioritize providing your home with a high-performance electrical system that guarantees your family’s safety. 

One way to ensure this is to install a home surge protector. A home surge protector will help prevent surges in electrical power. As you know, these spikes in the electric current can harm the electrical system itself and your appliances. Moreover, if they’re not paid attention to, they can be the cause of house fires. 

Here are 3 Signs You Need to Install a Whole House Surge Protector 

Your electrician suggested that you install whole-house surge protection. Why could that be? Perhaps you have reported electrical issues that lead to their suggestions. Here are three signs that your home needs a surge protector: 

  • The lights in your home flicker. If you’ve been worried (and at the same time scared) about your lights constantly flickering, this can indicate an electrical problem. 

You will usually see this when using or turning on bigger home appliances. Flickering lights happen because the electricity demands from the power lines trigger surges. It is a strong warning that your electrical equipment is incurring damage. 

A home power surge protector will prevent flickering lights. Surge protectors work to avoid high electric current from entering the panel. They can help safeguard your home appliances. 

  • The circuit breakers frequently trip. A trip is when the breakers shut off power when the panel overloads. The panel overloads when there’s excess power or increasingly high electric current. Circuit breakers are safety devices that can as well protect electrical components and home equipment. 

If you notice your breakers frequently trip, that’s a sign of a problem. It means small power surges keep the breakers from shutting off the power. While this can be frustrating to witness, this can also harm your whole electrical system.

Home surge protection is used here to protect your appliances from an extreme surge of power. It can protect your appliances from overheating and your electrical circuits from potential fires. 

  • The outlets have burnt marks and smell. One strong indicator that you need a whole home surge protection is the char marks and smell from your home outlets. These are obvious signs of overheating caused by a surge in electric current. 

If you hire someone to install your home surge protector, they can inspect the outlets in your home and confirm that the burnt smell and marks are definitely from an electric surge. They can help secure the wiring and install protection for your electrical system and your home. 

Tips for Hiring A Reliable Home Surge Protector Service

Home Surge Protector Services | Electricians Service Team

Deciding which service to hire is the crucial part. You don’t want to end up choosing some random unreliable service that will only lead to further problems. That’s why we have listed below some tips you can follow when hiring a whole-house surge protector installation. 

  • Collect information about available services, then compare. 
  • Ensure that you hire an authorized company. 
  • Ask if they hire licensed technicians. 
  • Read reviews from their previous clients. 
  • Inquire if they have the needed tools for the service. 
  • Test if they give honest and valuable advice for home electrical installations. 

Hiring a service that you think is reliable will always boil down to your requirements and preferences. Always protect yourself from being overcharged and scammed by unreliable service providers by ensuring you get enough information. You can always read good content online to help you make informed decisions. 

If you liked what you just read above, you could check out more of our content. We can help you learn more about your electrical system and provide useful information about hiring services. If you require one, we highly recommend Electricians Service Team. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.