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Protect Your Home And Your Household From Electrical Incidents

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Go Through Our Electrical Safety List To Secure Your Home.

Every day we wake up happy and confident, ready to start a new day. Little do we know that about 100 people have encountered electrical issues that have killed or maimed at least three-quarters of them in the past few hours of sleep. Most of these issues are accidental, while others happen because of the negligence of homeowners. Electrical accidents are issues that can be prevented, and if you take the right steps now, you might save yourself and your family from a disastrous hazard. Do you want to wake up tomorrow as healthy and confident as today? Read through our electrical safety checklist and see how you can protect your home from electrical incidents.

Control The Electrical Capacity Of Your Electrical Panel.

Do you know that the amount of people living in your home determines the amount of power your home needs? The more people living in your home, the more you use appliances and electrical devices which consume. To support such a high need for electricity, your home should have an electrical circuit breaker big enough. If your electrical panel can’t hold the load of electricity used by your household, it might cause a fire hazard or break your appliances and electrical devices. To prevent that from happening, contact an electrician to check the amount of load your panel has on it and advise you on the necessity of an upgrade. You can hire one of our expert electricians to help you choose the ideal electrical circuit breaker panel that fits your family’s needs.

Secure Your Lighting and Switches. 

There are many warning signs in your home that show that your home is at risk of a fire hazard. Some of these signs include; flickering lights, hot switches, and popping sound around and inside switches. The fact is that switches and lighting failures account for at least fifty percent of fire hazards in homes. If you notice any of these warning signs, contact one of our experts immediately, who will check that your electrical connections are not loose and that you do not have bad contacts.

You should also check that you have grounded switches and that your copper wire connections are well attached and safe. Taking all precautions will save your home from unexpected lighting failures and secure your family.

Check Your Electronic Devices and Appliances Connections.

Have you tried to touch one of your appliances and got a mild electrical shock? This is a sign that your ground connection on your cord is absent or that your outlet does not have a ground wire. An expert electrician is the person you should call if you notice that your appliances share jolts to whoever touches them. The electrician you call will check your wiring and update it if need be. You should also contact an appliance expert to check if there is an underlying issue with your appliances that could cause the electrical issue. These types of problems are easy to fix, especially when you hire the right people to do the job.

Verify Your Circuit Breaker and Fuse.

When installing a circuit breaker on your panel, you have to make sure that it has the same amperage ratings as the electrical wire that will be connected to it. If the amperages of the circuit breaker and the electrical wire do not correspond, it will lead to frequent trips and fuse blows. In case you do not know how to match your wires to your circuit breaker, contact an electrician for help. If your circuit breaker trips constantly and you do nothing about it, you might end up with an electrical fire.

Check Your Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters. 

Have you ever heard of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters or GFCI’s? These are devices used to protect your household from a sudden surge of power. The GFCI has the ability to sense when a body is receiving a high amount of current. When it detects an incident as such, it cuts off the power. Ex[ert electricians often install it in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, garages, basements, and outdoors. You should check this device at least once a month to make sure that it is working perfectly.

Control the connections of your Portable Generator 

Portable generators are lifesavers when there is a sudden power outage. When there is a power outage, they provide you with enough electricity to power some essential appliances and devices. In some cases, they can even power your whole home. However, for a generator to work normally and cause no harm to your home and appliances, you have to make sure it is well installed. Ensure that your generator is well-grounded. Always connect your generator to your service panel using a transfer switch. This will prevent your home from receiving energy from both the generator and the power supply company.

Install Lightning Protection For Your Home

Thousands of homes are victims of lightning every year. In the best-case scenario, they just suffer a short blackout. In the worst-case scenario, the electrical system can catch fire and completely burn down the house. Luckily there are ways to protect your home from such incidents. Installing lightning rods in your home will save it from lightning damage by transferring the strength of the lightning to the ground.

Manage Your Extension Cords.

Extension cords are great devices that help us when we do not have enough plugs or when we need to plug a device whose cord can’t reach our wall’s outlet. However, they are not meant for permanent use. If your extension is connected to an appliance whose load it can’t carry, it will burn and might even damage your appliances. So always check your extensions and make sure that they are not constantly used to power permanently working appliances.


Contact Electricians Service Team If You Need Assistance With Your Electrical Installations.

At Electricians Service Team, we understand how difficult electrical operations are for untrained hands. That is why we offer you the services of our best technicians to install, repair, and upgrade your electrical system. Our experts are trained and certified specialists able to solve any problem in your home regardless of its complexity. You can hire one of our electricians right now by simply giving us a call at (800) 568-8664 or leaving us a message online. As soon as you contact us, we will organize an appointment between you and our expert.  

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