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How Much To Spend For An Electrical Panel Relocation

Panel Relocation Orange County | Electrician Service Team

Are you planning to renovate your home and add rooms to accommodate more people? Renovation is fun and expensive at the same time, but you should also know how this process works. Renovating your home means moving your electrical panel, especially if it’s in the way of your plans. 

So, how much does it cost to relocate your panel and do you need to find the best panel upgrade near me to get the job done? Electrician Service Team is here to help you learn everything you need to know about an electrical panel relocation today.

So, how much do you need to spend for a relocation? Moving your electrical panel requires hard work and professionals to do the job. Therefore, you need to consider your location, how much your electrician charges each hour, and how much work it will take to move your electrical panel to a new location. You coils spend around $900 to $2000 for the project. 

Therefore, contact your trusted electrician or call Electrician Service Team for an inspection and a quote to get started on the relocation process. Suppose you want to learn how to relocate an electrical panel. Here are safety procedures to ensure your electrical panel is successfully transferred.

Moving An Electrical Panel? Here Are The Safety Procedures You Need To Know

  • Safety Procedure # 1: You must secure the permits.

Permits are there to inform the city that you’ll be dealing with electricity. Though you will only move your home’s electrical panel, your electricity is connected to the main source controlled by your city. Therefore, this is the first step to ensure that when accidents occur, the city is informed you are doing electrical upgrades and can assist you immediately. 

  • Safety Procedure # 2: Hire the best electrician.

Avoid relocating your electrical panel yourself, especially if you have no idea how to and just watched a few videos on the internet. Electricity can be deadly, so let a professional handle the moving for your safety. 

Call your trusted electrician for help to ensure your panel is safely transferred from one area of your home to another. Electricians are equipped with personal protective equipment and know how to safely handle any electrical service. 

  • Safety Procedure # 3: Turn off the main power source. 

If your home is under renovation, inform other workers that you will turn off the electricity 

while the electrical panel is relocated. This way, any attempt to turn on the power will be stopped. 

Another way to inform everyone is to put up a sign or let workers take time off to ensure nobody will tamper with electricity. Ensure everyone is safe and be there while your electrician works on your electrical panel. 

How To Tell If You Need An Upgrade?

Before moving your electrical panel, you should know these signs to get a professional panel upgrade in Orange County.

  • Rusty panel.

If you have a rusty electrical panel, there is no clearer sign to get an upgrade than this. Ensure to call your electricians for an inspection to know the panel size to get when you upgrade. 

It’s also great to know you need an upgrade before planning on a relocation so you can prepare the materials and equipment needed for the job. When you relocate your panel, you are relocating a brand new one. 

  • Sudden dimming lights.

If your lights dim whenever you use heavy-duty appliances, your panel cannot handle having them on simultaneously. So, get your much-needed electrical or sub panel in Orange County today. 

It is best to determine if you need an upgrade before relocating your panel because it will save you time and money. Contact Electrician Service Team if you need professional assistance to ensure what you’re doing is the best decision for your home improvement plans. 

  • Sparks when using appliances. 

If your outlets produce sparks when you plug in your appliances, you need an upgrade immediately. You might’ve added new appliances, and your panel can handle only a few. Therefore, get the upgrade before planning a relocation to ensure you are moving a new and improved panel. 

  • Not enough outlets. 

There are only a certain number of outlets an electrical panel can handle, so when you don’t have enough outlets for all your lights, appliances, and devices, an upgrade is needed. This project is perfect if you’re planning to relocate your electrical panel because you’re renovating your home. 

You can do an upgrade before relocation so you know how big of an upgrade you’ll need to accommodate all your current appliances and devices and what you’ll be adding in the future. So, contact your trusted electrician at once. 


If these simple procedures and safety precautions are followed, you won’t have trouble with your relocation plans. You can guarantee your electrical panel will function in the best possible way, and you won’t encounter any damage. So, please remember these simple and easy steps to take when planning a panel upgrade.

Learning about electrical problems and the best solutions is a great way to understand how an electrical system works in your home. So, read more about electrical systems and services that can improve your home life by checking our websites for more blog articles. You may also call us for the best electrical services, and we’ll get to you immediately.