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The Seven Benefits of LED Lighting

Did you know that LED lighting provides a better way to boost productivity? Or that it has a more remarkable effect on your health? Or that it is more long-lasting than other light bulbs?

Many industries aren’t aware of the several benefits they can get by shifting to LED lighting from the conventional ones. Currently, there are LED supplies and items available on the market, which are good enough to be utilized as architecture lighting of office buildings, streets, parks, and even bridges. They are also considered to be the  leading source of light in  production warehouses plants. The benefits of LED lighting are wide-ranging that apparently give advantage to  the ones you may never have thought. Read and discover the seven prime benefits of using LED lighting in your home, office or building.

1. It is energy efficient.

LED lighting is  highly energy efficient. LED light bulbs utilize only a part as much light as those in fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs, making them far less demanding on your energy expenditure. Considering the electric grid, the economized electrical consumption of LED lighting can reduce your energy cost that would lead to a considerable cutback over the course of the year, particularly in residential and commercial buildings that are lit day in and day out.

2.It has a long lifespan.

Over the years, however, LED lighting is far cheaper than the traditional light bulbs, both at the expense of the lighting material and the reduced energy consumption. LED light bulbs are created to last long under any circumstances. While the other light bulbs normally only last for 42 days, LED lighting is designed to keep up  between 1,042 and 2,084 of constant usage.

Furthermore, LED lights also make it longer than fluorescent lighting. Generally, fluorescent lighting gives approximately 250 to 625 days of usage. Despite the fact that LED light bulbs cost more, they can stay up to eight times longer than fluorescent light bulbs.

3.It is very affordable.

LED lighting not only lasts long, but it is also affordable to use. This is because of the extraordinary power capacity of its light bulbs, shifting to LED light can give you a good bargain of hundreds of dollars per year for most residential and commercial spaces.

While the gains are exceptional for homeowners, they are much more significant for businesses with profound lighting requirements. The greater their artificial lighting demands, the more it can cut back by switching to LED light bulbs. Many commercial establishments can reduce their lighting energy cost by 75% by shifting their use to LED lighting.

4.It is highly durable.

Since LED lights are an established technology and have a plain design, they are extremely durable and hardly fail. While non-LED light bulbs reach around 2,083 days of use, LED lights are backed by trusted and efficient manufacturer warranties.

This high durability has several advantages for the consumers. Since LED light bulbs stay around for a long time and utilize quality materials and designs, they seldom need to be replaced compared to the other light bulbs. They are also safer since they only give off a fraction as much heat. Thus, LED light bulbs are unlikely to cause burns during replacement or even less of a fire risk.

5.It is eco-friendly.

LED lights are not only energy saving and affordable, but they also do not contain toxic or harmful substances. It makes them a much more environmentally-safe choice than fluorescent lights, which contains hazardous chemicals such as mercury. Since LED lights live on significantly longer than the other light bulbs, they give off less waste. They are also easy to recycle, as they do not  toxic or harmful materials that can harm the environment.

6.It boosts workplace productivity.

LED lights have significant benefits on the productivity of the employees, especially on the tasks that require focus. Some studies have established the relationship between the workplace productivity and the use of LED lighting in the workplace . LED lighting has also been associated with a boost in mood. It is observed that employees who work in spaces lit using LEDs are unlikely to feel burn and normally display a more positive disposition out during the work days.

7.It is extremely flexible.

Since LED light bulbs are small, they are extremely adaptable. LED lighting is utilized not only for brightness, but it is also employed for architectural down lighting in a staggering range of displays and settings. They are widely used in electronics, appliances, and lamps. LEDs are installed as streaks under pieces of furniture, hallways, staircases, and other public areas.

While LEDs give directional light, they are great materials for lighting specific areas or items in a room. LED downlighting can also be utilized to brighten dining tables, work desks, and other important areas in a house or an office. Making it convenient to manage the intensity of light, modern LED lighting is compatible with electronic devices. Thus, it can be utilized as a replacement for the directional, conventional, and situational lighting.

Make a Shift to LED Lighting

Would you like to save your home or office energy consumption? LED lighting is a durable, affordable, and safe choice over incandescent and fluorescent  lighting. Switching to LED lighting could help you cut down on your expenses as much as $ 1,550 per year as a home or business owner. 

People nowadays are always looking for some alternative sources that help them save more energy. It’s no wonder that  LED lighting has become marketable and gradually taken over the popularity of the traditional ones.

Electricians Service Team specializes in renewable energy and energy efficient lighting that can assist your switch to LED lighting. Our team of experts have provided LED lighting equipment and services to residential and commercial buildings.

If you are up for a big switch that lowers your energy consumption while still getting high quality lighting, contact Electricians Service Team to learn more about the remarkable benefits of LED lights and the lighting products available for your home or business.


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