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When Should You Use a Double Pole Circuit Breaker?

Double Pole Circuit Breaker Wiring in Orange County | Electrician Service Team

Any specific circuit breaker in your home has only two functions: to safeguard the electrical wiring in your home and to keep you safe. That protection kicks in when the wires in your house (or a particular zone of your house) become overloaded with electrical current and start to heat up. However, circuit breakers can malfunction just like anything else. It might not be as pricey if you can catch this early. Hiring professional electricians to do the job is the best way to do anything about electricity. For years, the Electrician Service Team has been one of the electrical service pros, serving circuit breaker repair and emergency electrical services in Orange County. The cost of hiring certified electricians is always worth the money.

Why do people need double-pole circuit breakers? Double pole breakers are two single pole breakers attached with one trip mechanism. Large, 240-volt appliances like clothes dryers and water heaters are frequently powered by double pole breakers, shielding two wires and preventing them from damaging. Double pole breakers can have ratings between 15 and 0 amps.

Due to the fact that double-pole breakers control circuits that generate more power than single-pole breakers do, they are rated for bigger currents. You should use a specific grade depending on the appliance. Window air conditioners and water heaters typically only need 30-amp breakers, in contrast to the frequent need for 50- and even 60-amp breakers for ranges and electric heating systems.

Be aware that you can switch from a single pole to a double pole circuit breaker to accommodate appliances that consume a lot of electricity if you’re considering purchasing a home with a conventional circuit breaker. For this job to be done perfectly, always ask for professional assistance.

Simple and Secure Methods for Wiring a Double Pole Circuit Breaker

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